Lookin Girly With Ruffles

Say Hello to ruffles. Ruffles are everywhere now, from skirts, shirts, sexy dress, bla bla bla… I luv ruffles, soo girly one of my favorite outfits. Well, ruffles are one of the strongest fashion trends right now, but no denial, if not put together in just the right way, you can wind up looking like an oldie granny.

Actually, the key to wearing ruffles without appearing overly juvenile or theatrical, yet young and chic is to pair ruffles with something tailored. The contrast of an item that’s super feminine, like the ruffle, worn with something tailored, like lean pants or a fitted blazer, is the best way to go to achieve maximum style impact.

You can think of the ruffles as an accent to your outfit and keep the focus to one ruffled element, like a frothy blouse, trim on a coat, a touch of embellishment to a pair of booties, a dash at the hem of a scarf, or a gorgeous cocktail dress. While all the ruffled pieces are adorable, you really only want to wear just one at a time to avoid drowning yourself in too much of a good thing. When you so wear something very bold as a completely tired ruffled dress, try to incorporate some bareness by way of choosing a style that strapless or spaghetti-strapped to show off your figure and minimize the bulk and potential showy, over-the-top element.

Whether it is a ruffly blouse or a ruffled tiered skirt, just remember not to overdo the bling bling. Keep accessories simple and let the ruffles do the talking.

And oh, ruffled dresses add shape and femininity to a petite or boyish figure, but if you are closer to an apple shape (big bust and stomach) then do ruffles in moderation. If you are pear-shaped, then concentrate the ruffles on your top half to draw attention away from your bottom and hips.

This is not a bad thing, i mean ruffles, well, because who doesn’t like looking and feeling girly? So, what about you? Do you love ruffles too?