Belt, Your Nu Fashion Statement

Belt is a fashion accessory any woman can wear. The belt is something you can use to accentuate the line of your hip. Even if you are a bit on the large side, don’t shy away from wearing a belt. The right style belt can give you a waist, prevent you from looking larger than you are. Nothing looks more seductive than wearing a body-clinging dress and accentuating your hips with a colorful belt.

Belt can make one dress into several different outfits. So, you can either have a casual look or a formal look all with just a simple belt tied around your hip. Belt also can be assessorized with your jewelry, purse and shoes. Just take a look at the picture below. That black dress is cute though, but if you add sexy red belt and put red pump shoes in your legs, voila, surely your look not only gorgeous but upgrade into super-oomph, what a statement piece!

 There isn’t denial that for this season the silhouette is key and no wonder the belt is essential. Narrow or wide, it is all about structure and defining the waist. But remember, don’t put accessories too much if you’re already put belt as your fashion statement, cuz if you are not careful, wearing competing accessories will have the effect of making you look like a disco ball.


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