Can’t put my oversized bag down

The oversized bag rocks. Busy ladies carry around lots of stuff and need something stylish to put it in. Not only can it be a great statement piece, but it can hold everything I need: wet and dry tissues, car key, cosmetic pouch, whatever make-up may melt off of my face in the intense heat, phone, bla bla bla.. No doubt that huge carryalls keep everything at hand and define utilitarian chic.

It’s one big bag, and one big bag is already enough , otherwise it just looks clumsy. Your roomy carryall should be massive enough to hold everything without you having to divide your things into more paperbags or plastic carriers. Don’t let people think that you’re gonna escape from somewhere..



Sometimes oversized bags don’t just look good with pant suits. They’re just as flattering with sleek and streamlined dresses. But you decide. Anyway, when it comes to daywear, bigger bags are definitely better in terms of styles and colors, but elegant clutches are the perfect accompaniment for that special evening still.


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