Check All These Belts

This season, belts are cinching the waists of everything from flirty dresses to bermuda shorts. One of the important features of belts would be the fact that they tend to add character to the wearer as well as to the clothes of the wearer. Having a belt promotes versatility because it may be able to turn one pair of clothes into different outfits. Aside from being able to enhance the clothes that we wear, belts may also be matched with our accessories such as the bag, the jewelry, the shoes, etc. There are also belts that may make our bodies sexier or shapely.
1. Chain Belt

Chain belt can be worn when dressing casual, for example on a nice pair of jeans, or to impress. You can sling a chain belt low on your hips to add a new dimension to your outfit. This is a great look for women who are short-waisted as the belt will create the appearance of a lower waist.
2. Twist Belt

Twist belt not only does something good to our figures but also spice up the dress. It compliments your figure while creating more color scheme for your outfit. The simplest of dress can be worn all year round just by changing the belt.
3. Studded Belt

The studded belt is the accessory to have. Studded belt is more than the actual storyline. This belt is fun and adds statement to the outfit. It can give a dress a face lift and down play a jacket. You just can’t go wrong with the studded belt.
4. Leather Tie Belt

This leather tie can be bowed, twisted or straight tied. Mix your colors of leather and create several different outfits from one. Another versatility for this belt is you can tie anywhere. Have a bow at the back, perhaps a straight tie on your hip or twist it for a nice tie in the front. Each belt creating fun and new outlook on your outfit. But remember, you’d have to wear it with the perfect outfit to make sure it doesn’t look cheap…

5. Obi Belt

The obi is so sensational!! Luv the flare and texture that it add to an outfit… It takes the nay outfit to trendy in 2 seconds only! Obi style belt could be worn with dresses or skirts. To maximize the feminine touch, you can leave the ends looped in or pull into a bow.

If you’ve never thought of yourself as a belt person, I urge you to reconsider. A belt will help break up the body and focuses the eye on certain parts of a figure, and plus, away from areas you don’t want to highlight.


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