The Two Sides of Bejeweled Dress

I luv Beyonce and Rachel Weisz, others are just a bit too much for me…

Hi there..

When i was opening my closet, i found my bejeweled green blouse. I wore this only for few times, almost never actually. 

I don’t know why, i just thought that bejeweled clothes are give heavy accent to me. I have petite figure, so maybe i should say nay for all these bejeweled clothes. And plus, i have to keep jewelery to a minimum with a beaded dress as you do not want to look like a Christmas tree. But i’m gonna say nay for the clothes only, because another bejeweled stuff such as clutch, tower heels, tongs, hairband, and other will always okay for me..

Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys and Amanda Bynes in Bejeweled Dress

Jewel tones are hot right now. Additionally, i’ve noticed a lot of hot accessories being adorned in beautiful and bold gems stones. Well, bejeweled is just a trend that we may love and hate.. Which side are you?


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