Cute School Uniform

Hello readers!! So what you’ve been up to today? Yay, the long holiday is coming, what’s your plan for the new year? I have so many ideas that keep on poppin’ in my head, lol, i better start to make my 2010 lists.. Ok, then, Well, my post today will be about the school uniform. Don’t you ever wish to be teenager again? Hmm, seemed like the school uniform today is already much more dazzling than i was.

Well, the girls still want to personalize their style in clothing, so no wonder we can find easily many cute uniform around you, not only in tv-series but also in real life… That’s make me want to go back to school again. Don’t you feel the same??

1. Classy Style

well, these three uniforms are just too ordinary for me, but maybe if you like the safe style, you may like them then.. I like the 1st uniform, look like sailor.

 2. Modified Style

i like this purple set, my favorite item in this set is the shoes. They looked very comfortable, don’t they?? 

nah, in this set, i do like the black corsage, just like a statement in the uniform

this pic was from Legally Blondes 3, these two girls were so creative in modified their uniform, luv it.

3. How to Mix n Match

Well, if your school allows you to modify your uniform, i mean by adding some accessories, you can easily change your look by using these items:

You can add knit, cardigan, vest, scarf, ribbon, headband, or even colored tights. But do not add them at once, you won’t look fashionable but weird instead. Just put two or three items only are already enough.

Anyway, uniform is just uniform, you can modify them surely, but do not forget to study. Ok then, see ya on the next post. Have a gud day, pals..

Super Sexy Stockings and Tights

Hi peeps, how are you all there? I hope you’ll always be fine. Anyway, when i was texting my friend this evening, i suddenly remembered about one of the Gossip Girl scene. It was the scene in “Victor Victrola” episode. When Blair danced in front of Chuck Bass using lingerie only, yup, that was my favorite scene in that episode. Blair was absolutely looks so sexy. Not that time only, but in her daily life in Gossip Girl. If you notice, you’ll find out that not only Blair but her cliques in that series often wear stockings or colored tights. That’s cool. I have some pictures of them, just go see then…

those two pictures are cool. They look preppy (plus sexy!!) in that outfit. I love the pink tights on the first pic

Which color are you?

Well, the trend of tights recently are dominated by the colored one. From the classical white until the jungle red. You better choose the one that suits your personality. You should have at least two pairs of these stuffs, the black and the white one of course. Trust me, you’ll never go wrong using them..

the sensual red

the red tights, how sexy.. You’ll win the public attention surely


the safe and classic white (or black)


so sweet and innocent. Black and white are timeless, once again, you should have them in your closet!!


colored tights, so playful

so trendy, so now, and yes, definitely so attractive

Another Batik :)

Hello, i’m back. It’s feels like years already. I miss this blog actually, Lol. So in this post i’m going to put some Batik pics again.

I’m addicted to Batik. It’ll make you look grace instantly. Maybe i’ll post my pic in batik one day. Ahaha, narcism should be my middle name. well well, Go check and share your comment with me…

I luv this pic. So fashionable. Batik could be so trendy if you can mix it with the hot stuff such as those bright tights. Definitely irresistible.

Batik For Children


the batik parade, how cute

Hair Accessories

I so love every kind of hair accessories, even hats, and such. They keep my hair in check. Hair decoration is hot. And not to mention truly fun adding a little sparkle to your wardrobe with tiny jewelry will never hurt. Here is a short list of popular hair accessories to help you look beautiful on your day:

  • Headbands : headbands are simple, yet elegant. Select a wide one for a retro look, or skinny ones for a modern, preppy look.

oversized headbands

Blair Waldorf’s hairstyle: Queen of Headbands

  •  Bobby Pins: bobby pins are so in fashion. Simple and fabulous at the same time. Your quick savior in your bad hair day. Make sure your keep some on your bag.

very cute bobby pins

beaded bobby pins

  • Veil – believe it or not, sometimes less is more, and a veil may be all you need. If you are opting out of hair accessories go elaborate with your veil – pearls, jewels and crystal accents will compliment your look.

  • Feathers – feathers are a hot trend right now, these are perfect for the trendy chick. These can be purchase and added to combs, clips, barrettes or even woven through hair.

  • Tiaras – these can range from classical princess styles to modern, asymmetric looks to retro inspired glam.

  • Fresh Flowers – once a trend, now a tradition – adding a sprig of your favorite flower to your hair can give you a romantic, soft touch.

  • Hair Vines – held in place by pins on each end, these are highly flexible and can conform to most any hairstyle. Many are encrusted with jewels, crystals or pearls.

  • Barrettes – these are not what you would think – a simple barrette can sweep back locks, hold bangs to the side or keep layers in place.

ups, this dog just too cute to be missed

  • Hair Jewelry – whether you decide to decorate your hair with shells (for a beach bride) or crystals (for an upscale look) hair jewelry is placed either around your style (such as a bun) or strategically placed throughout your style.

Kebaya, lovely and elegant

Kebaya is Indonesian traditional cloth. It is sewed dress and has good shape. Kebaya doesn’t have collar and could be classified as piece work of art. A kebaya is usually made of brocade or embroidered silk, and usually is somewhat see-through.

Kebaya has been simplified and modified. Formerly, there were not lots of varieties and decorations. Modern Kebayas are combined with Western styles. Therefore you could match this kebaya with jeans, etc. Really cool and comfortable.

Also, there are numerous varieties of materials used to make Kebayas, from ordinary to elegant and shiny materials with lots of beads on it.

Mostly, kebaya is used in formal occasions. Women love to wear it. If you pick the right kebaya, you’ll look dazzling instantly. Kebaya could show the curves of your body perfectly. As Indonesian, i’m so proud wearing kebaya.

Indonesian contestant in Miss Universe 2005

Indonesian contestant in Miss Universe 2006