Cute School Uniform

Hello readers!! So what you’ve been up to today? Yay, the long holiday is coming, what’s your plan for the new year? I have so many ideas that keep on poppin’ in my head, lol, i better start to make my 2010 lists.. Ok, then, Well, my post today will be about the school uniform. Don’t you ever wish to be teenager again? Hmm, seemed like the school uniform today is already much more dazzling than i was.

Well, the girls still want to personalize their style in clothing, so no wonder we can find easily many cute uniform around you, not only in tv-series but also in real life… That’s make me want to go back to school again. Don’t you feel the same??

1. Classy Style

well, these three uniforms are just too ordinary for me, but maybe if you like the safe style, you may like them then.. I like the 1st uniform, look like sailor.

 2. Modified Style

i like this purple set, my favorite item in this set is the shoes. They looked very comfortable, don’t they?? 

nah, in this set, i do like the black corsage, just like a statement in the uniform

this pic was from Legally Blondes 3, these two girls were so creative in modified their uniform, luv it.

3. How to Mix n Match

Well, if your school allows you to modify your uniform, i mean by adding some accessories, you can easily change your look by using these items:

You can add knit, cardigan, vest, scarf, ribbon, headband, or even colored tights. But do not add them at once, you won’t look fashionable but weird instead. Just put two or three items only are already enough.

Anyway, uniform is just uniform, you can modify them surely, but do not forget to study. Ok then, see ya on the next post. Have a gud day, pals..


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