Super Sexy Stockings and Tights

Hi peeps, how are you all there? I hope you’ll always be fine. Anyway, when i was texting my friend this evening, i suddenly remembered about one of the Gossip Girl scene. It was the scene in “Victor Victrola” episode. When Blair danced in front of Chuck Bass using lingerie only, yup, that was my favorite scene in that episode. Blair was absolutely looks so sexy. Not that time only, but in her daily life in Gossip Girl. If you notice, you’ll find out that not only Blair but her cliques in that series often wear stockings or colored tights. That’s cool. I have some pictures of them, just go see then…

those two pictures are cool. They look preppy (plus sexy!!) in that outfit. I love the pink tights on the first pic

Which color are you?

Well, the trend of tights recently are dominated by the colored one. From the classical white until the jungle red. You better choose the one that suits your personality. You should have at least two pairs of these stuffs, the black and the white one of course. Trust me, you’ll never go wrong using them..

the sensual red

the red tights, how sexy.. You’ll win the public attention surely


the safe and classic white (or black)


so sweet and innocent. Black and white are timeless, once again, you should have them in your closet!!


colored tights, so playful

so trendy, so now, and yes, definitely so attractive


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