My Hair Transformation

Hello readers, how are you? Any plan for this weekend? Well, i’m going to meet my old friend from univ, but hey, that’s not related with my post today, just a sweet greeting from me to you all. Lol.

Today i’m going to share about my transformation for the last 4 years. Well it’s not like good girl gone bad or bad girl gone good, it’s all about my looks. My hair exactly. My hair always grow fast. I noticed this since i was in grade 5. My hair only needed about 2 months to grow from shoulder to waist. No wonder my mother took me to the hair salon once a month to cut or just trim my hair. And below are some pictures of mine with many hair styles.

Me in pink. Pink was my favorite color at that time

Me in my little black dress

Me in pink again. Yup the same outfit with the first picture, if you notice

Me in a blue top. This top is really useful

Me in my comfortable orange shirt. I have an adorable necklace with the same color.

Yup, that was me. In very short hair. The hairdresser made a mistake. I thought we were miss communicate. I was kinda sad at the first time saw myself in the mirror.

My hair was getting longer in a timely fashion

My hair was already reach the waist. And i was kinda bored my straight long hair. Hey, i have that style since i was in senior high school. So i decided to curl my hair. Lol

I loved my new wavy hair. Not curly like i said before. But it’s just so cute.

That was me. That picture was taken 3 months ago.

So, as you can trace from above, i have the wavy long hair now. And i miss my long straight hair. I can’t believe i finally say it. Lol.. So what do you think? Which style is fits me most? The straight one or the wavy one? The long one or the short one, instead??

Just gimme some comments and i’ll see ya all in the next post then. Happy weekend..

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