Master Study, The Story 1 – Matriculation

Hi thereeee, how are you? I just finished struggling for finishing my master thesis. Have i told you that i take the Master now? I don’t know, but i just wanna study something new. Well, my undergraduate background was Politics. I took International Relation, but now i take Management as my Graduate major. At first, i only had a little faith for my choice, and the faith was getting tinnier when i met my classmates. They’re totally brainy. Fortunately my lack of confidence happened only in the first week. I kept saying to myself that if i didn’t make any move i would be left behind.

Seven subjects, three months and one brain only

How about simpler formula??

I had to join the Matriculation first. Matriculation means you’re registered as an official student. It’s the process of beginning study at a university, and fulfilling any prerequisites. Sooooo, night after night i forced myself to read all those thick economics book in order to make me at least familiar with economics vocabs. FYI, i had no economics background which just make things harder. And i had to learn how to use the calculator. It was quite funny for me because i just notice several very useful function of calculator. I didn’t even imagine it before. Geeeez… Well, briefly, during the first month of my matriculation i found that i couldn’t get enough sleep everyday. All i wanted just crawl into the bed and sleep like a baby.

Finally the matriculation is over. And i was surprised that my result wasn’t bad as i predicted before. Yeah, now i believe that we have to try our best first, no matter what the result will be. And here i am, gladly to inform you that now i’m officially a graduate student. LOL. Well, my long journey is still waiting. And i’ve put some pictures about all my dearest mates in this battle field. They’re so adorable and helpful. Enjoy and have a nice holiday šŸ™‚

MBA students batch 56, Yaaaay….

We might came from different background, but hey, we get along very well. Luv you all


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