Master Study, The Story 2 – The End of Trimester 1

Yaaaay, by reading my title i believe you’ve noticed that i’m done with all my exams. Yaaaay. Finally those exhausting exams and paper are over. As i mentioned previously in my last post, i take the international program which requires me to conduct everything in english. Even when i write paper. Sigh. But you know, it’s so true that the first time always be the hardest. I still remember how confuse i was in writing my Operational Management final paper, which contained 20 pages least. Hahahahaha. But well, hell yeah, it’s already passed, i just get down on my knees and starting to pray for the good score.

I had a week holiday, but hmmm, i simply can not say that it was pure holiday. There were lot of things to do. I had postponed them during my hectic schedule. Eeeew. Several stuff already lining down on my mind, such as:

  • Go to immigration office to apply the passport
  • Complete all the visa documents needed
  • Run the hybrid seminar conducted by my university
  • Back to my routines as a part-timer teacher (i took a week off due to my exams, lol)

Since my first trimester was officially end, it means that i have to say goodbye to 8 international students from Europe that already became part of our friends for the previous four months. It was funny seeing their effort to attend the morning class at 7am. Some of them were fell asleep of course, but i was touching enough by seeing them not skip the class. Hehehehehe..

My favorite subject for this trimester was Business Ethics. It was such an insight for me that we have to conduct our business ethically. Well, it might be costly in the beginning but it can create a long term profit for our business *_____* ups, sorry, i better stop now before you choose to quit reading my post 😀

I would like to thank my friends, yeaaaaay, we did it. The first trimester finally over. Happy holiday guys, i’ll see you again in the next two weeks. And happy Good Friday!!

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