Netherlands Trip

PS: This draft was made 11 months ago

the souvenir shop in Amsterdam

Back with me again, readers, how are you? As I promised before, I will start to share you guys about my adventure in Europe. And the first country I visit outside France waaaaas ……. Netherlands!!! Long before I had my residence permit, I said to myself that I will travel around Europe, visit new places, meet new people, try all the public transport, etc. Please do not blame me with all the cockiness, I was just extremely excited. Sooo, a day after I got my residence permit, I started my adventure.

the WTC in Beurs, Rotterdam

My consideration in choosing Netherlands was because I have some friends there. They study in Erasmus University, Rotterdam. I went there for 4 days, November 3 to November 7. For my trip there, I took the Eurolines bus from my city, Lille. When I bought the bus ticket, I was a bit confused about the picking point. In the bus website, the pick-up point was between the Lille Europe train station and Crowne Plaza Hotel, but when I checked using the google map thingy, I saw no sign for Eurolines pick-up point. Not any single sign. So I contacted my Korean friend, Doyun, and fortunately she was able to accompany me there, and voila, I saw it with my own eyes that there was no sign of Eurolines bus there. No wonder I got so confuse. My departure should be at 16.30 but wow, the bus arrived 15 minutes before and left 5 minutes before the schedule. The bus driver was so friendly and funny. He made several jokes during the trip. One and a half hour later, the bus stopped at Brussels, Belgium. We had 45 minutes to wandering around or getting some food. Some of the passengers got of at Brussels and only few of them continuing to Rotterdam.

At 21.00, I finally arrived at Rotterdam grand central station. Surprisingly, it was only me who got off there. The remaining passengers were going to Amsterdam. So after waiting for about 20 minutes, my friend Ahmad and Dewisya finally picked me up there. I spent my first night in Dewisya’s apartment. Dewisya lived with 3 Indonesian girls. They all study in the Erasmus University.

cubic house

The next day, I went to Erasmus University and guess what, I joined their class. Well, not the whole class, just the first 90 minutes, and after that, while waiting for my friends finishing their class, I did a quick tour around the university. In the afternoon, me and Dewisya went to have some lunch in the downtown. I ate the kapsalon, it was slices of chicken combined with French fries and some salads. After that, we went to the city hall, world trade center and cubic house. I also met my friends Ira and Metta from my home university. The good thing in Rotterdam (or even the whole Netherlands) was the existence of Indonesian restaurant everywhere, maybe it was because not only the Dutch ever occupied Indonesia for almost 3.5 century, but also the expansion of Indonesian students to Netherlands itself. Knowing my lack in Indonesian culinary during my stay in France, my friends took me to an Indonesian restaurant owned by Indonesian couple. For 10 euro I got rice with ayam rica, tumis kacang panjang, and telur balado. It was delicious and worth the price, although in Indonesia, you will have at least ten portions of those food in that price. Well, I spent my second night in Ira and Metta apartment. Their apartment is a bit further, but they have bigger apartment than Dewisya. I even got my own room J

me n Dewisya

The day after, they took me to Amsterdam!! Yaaay, the train ticket was only 16 euro for two was because one of my friends got the discount card, not baaaad at all. The trip was only 1 hour long. Once we arrived in Amsterdam, we split the group. Me and Nilam went to Sex Museums, and Amsterdam Shopping Street. Actually I wanted to go to Madame Tussaud, but the queue line was so long. In the evening we went to a book store (I forgot the name) which sold the book in very good deal, unfortunately I didn’t buy any of those books. And at night we returned to Rotterdam.

The third day, it was the Idhul Adha day. All the moslems throughout the world celebrate this day by sacrificing four legged animals such as cow, camel, goat, etc. in Rotterdam, since there was a lot of Indonesian people, me and my friends went to the small mosque there and found a lot of Indonesian family there. After doing the pray, we gathered in a one Indonesian house and having the lunch there. Oh how I miss my family at that time..

My last day in Rotterdam was tranquil. I went to a local supermarket to buy some snacks for my next trip to Cologne, Germany. I bought Dutch traditional food, stroopwafel. I was so glad meeting my friends in Rotterdam. The local people there were also so fluent in English. What I didn’t like there is the public transport. It was so expensive. For a single journey could cost us 4 Euro, meanwhile in Lille, the same amount of money can be used to purchase one day ticket. Ckckckckkc k. It was funny how I also miss Lille during my every trip outside France.

Well, that was my trip to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I will be back very soon to tell my other trips. You have a nice weekend!! Ciaooo

Champion League, an unforgettable moment

PS: This draft was made 11 months ago

Yooo, what’s up readers? Here i am, still in Lille, France, in the middle of freezing month. Currently , i am waiting for the snow now. Please do not simply blame me, i never see snow before. So, i am in the middle of dilemma now, between my curiosity in seeing snow and my ability to face the freezing temperature. Well, while waiting for the snow, i want to share something extremely cool that i experience in October.

So, in my university, SKEMA Business School, it has a lot of student clubs which provide the students many interesting activities, from the cooking club till the sport club thingy. I do not join in any of that clubs but if there was an event thrown by a club i mostly attend that event. One day, when i was opening my facebook, i saw the sport club posted in the exchange student group. They invited us, the exchange students, to join them to watch the Champion League live. The match was between Inter Milan and Lille Football Club which held in Lille. Wow, how would i resist that kind of opportunity? So, yeah, i just simply signed myself in.

The next thing i know that in the next day, i paid the ticket (which cost 50 Euro, that the cheapest one though) and wait for a week to see the match. Finally, that day came. I would not forget the date. 18 October 2010. We gathered first in the uni at 7 pm. There were like 20 of us, and there were only 3 girls including me. Since the stadium was quite far, we had to take the metro (subway). In our way to the stadium, there were a lot of football supporters inside the metro, started to sing the club anthem. I was so excited. Yeaaah, i was in the game mood at that time. The, after passed 6 metro stops, we got of at Pont de Bois metro station and walked for about 10 minutes, and here i was, in Stadium Lille Metropole, surrounded by thousand of Lille supporters. Aaaaargh, i couldn’t stop smiling at that time.

After wait for about 15 minutes, we finally entered the stadium and waiting impatiently for the match begun. I got a seat behind the gate. Surprisingly, i sat next to my Indonesian buddy which i met during my flight from Jakarta to Paris. Wow, what a coincidence. We chatted, took tens of pictures and tadaaaaaaa, the two teams entered the stadium. Woooow, i never watch a football match live from the stadium and at that moment, i felt such that kind of feeling. It was beyond enthusiastic. Unexplainable 😀

Well, i could not remember a lot about the game. But unfortunately, the host team, LOSC, lost 1-0 to the guest team. That was a bit sad. Since i watched the match with my local friends, i knew how frustrated they were during the match. There were some good opportunities wasted by the host team.

The match ended at 10.45pm, the Lille supporters were a bit dissatisfied, but at least their team only lost 1-0. Briefly, i was really happy that day. One of my dream to see Champion League live was finally come true. It was such a priceless experience that i will never regret. So, do you have any wonderful unforgettable moment? Go share with me!!!

Carrie Did It Again

I first heard Good Girl on the radio couple months ago and successfully being addicted to it. I had some experiences with troubled and failed man which make me extra careful in having a relationship. I thought the video would be gloomy and full of anger, but it was the opposite. My eyes were showered with tens gorgeous dresses and shoes. Well done Carie!!!!

Me and Walking Culture

PS: This draft was made one year ago

heey my dear readers, what you’ve been up to this far? here i am, still here in Lille, France. I will return to Indonesia next year. My return ticket there supposed to be in January, but i am thinking to extend my stay here. Well, in this occasion, i would like to share about the walking culture that i experience here, in Lille.

Since the first day i arrived here, i still can not fit with the walking culture possessed by the people here. They do love walking. In Indonesia, we are not a big fan of walking, we prefer to take the motorcycle or car to walk. Being raised in that circumstances make me face inevitable situation in Lille. The first day after i got off from the train, i had to walk a lot. I walked like two hour non-stop in total. Well maybe for you guys it wasn’t a big deal, but for me, i never walk that much before. Soon after i reached my apartment, i took off my shoes and sunk in my bed.

My flatmates are from Colombia and Finland. Apparently, they both like walking as well. My first trip with them was quite embarrassing for me. I was almost always left behind. They walked too fast for me, and to make it more juicy, my feet were bruised and blistered everywhere. During the first month, i had a very deep relationship with the plaster in my feet.

As the time goes by, my situation were getting better. Although i haven’t able to walk in the same speed like the native, at least my feet start to adapt my walking habit that i tried to build here, bud sadly, this rule did not apply with my shoes. Only two weeks after my arrival, i had to replace my old shoes. Yeaaah, they were broken, hahahha.. The new shoes that i bought hopefully will be able to survive longer than the old one.

Now, i found myself more tough in term of walking. With the flat shoes, i am capable to walk down the street, beach, park or anywhere for hours with less complain. But i feel that my only flat shoes are getting uncomfortable. Geeez, i truly need to invest on comfy shoes, otherwise the plaster invasion will be repeated 😀

Lille, une belle ville

PS: This draft was made one year ago

Dear readers, how are you? I am in France now. I can’t tell you precisely how exited i am here. I’ve been dreaming to come here since i was in senior high school. The wait was seemed like forever, but it’s worth the wait. Ok, let me share you about what i’m gonna do here in France.

Three months ago, I assigned for student exchange program in my hometown university, actually there were several choices about the exchange destination, such as Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland. Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. I did not have hard time to choose which university cuz as i told you previously that France already haunted me for years 😀


After being occupied with all the administrative requirements and visa matter, i finally left Indonesia at September 4, 2011. Hmmm, it was stated that the flight would be about 15 hours, including two hours transit in Changi airport, Singapore, but unfortunately, there were some problems with the aircraft which made me stay longer in Changi. I made my touchdown in Charles de Gaulle airport at 11am and after i took a TGV to Lille.

Here, i don’t live in Paris, but in Lille, located in the northern part of France. I remembered the first day i arrived here. I was so shocked with the weather. Oh please don’t simply blame me. Will you expect the sunshine, rain and wind in a day? Yeaah, that was happened to me, hahahha. Well now i already learn that no matter how sunny outside, you never go wrong by prepare a scarf or umbrella in your bag before leaving your apartment.

Nathalia, Alejandra and me ^^

Talking about apartment, i share a flat with two girls. They were from Colombia and Finland. They were so nice and sweet. I do love them and my flat. Until now, i just can not believe my luck in getting this flat. It’s located in the center of the city, i only need to walk (Gosh, please remind me that i have to tell you about the walking culture in Europe) for 10 minutes to get to my university, and the best part is that i got a very good price. You have to see the looks of my friends when they know about my flat 🙂

The rooms and the kitchen

Well, there are still a lot of things that i wanna share, literally. No worries, i’ll be back in a jiffy 😀 Have a good day for you all…

Lots of love..