Me and Walking Culture

PS: This draft was made one year ago

heey my dear readers, what you’ve been up to this far? here i am, still here in Lille, France. I will return to Indonesia next year. My return ticket there supposed to be in January, but i am thinking to extend my stay here. Well, in this occasion, i would like to share about the walking culture that i experience here, in Lille.

Since the first day i arrived here, i still can not fit with the walking culture possessed by the people here. They do love walking. In Indonesia, we are not a big fan of walking, we prefer to take the motorcycle or car to walk. Being raised in that circumstances make me face inevitable situation in Lille. The first day after i got off from the train, i had to walk a lot. I walked like two hour non-stop in total. Well maybe for you guys it wasn’t a big deal, but for me, i never walk that much before. Soon after i reached my apartment, i took off my shoes and sunk in my bed.

My flatmates are from Colombia and Finland. Apparently, they both like walking as well. My first trip with them was quite embarrassing for me. I was almost always left behind. They walked too fast for me, and to make it more juicy, my feet were bruised and blistered everywhere. During the first month, i had a very deep relationship with the plaster in my feet.

As the time goes by, my situation were getting better. Although i haven’t able to walk in the same speed like the native, at least my feet start to adapt my walking habit that i tried to build here, bud sadly, this rule did not apply with my shoes. Only two weeks after my arrival, i had to replace my old shoes. Yeaaah, they were broken, hahahha.. The new shoes that i bought hopefully will be able to survive longer than the old one.

Now, i found myself more tough in term of walking. With the flat shoes, i am capable to walk down the street, beach, park or anywhere for hours with less complain. But i feel that my only flat shoes are getting uncomfortable. Geeez, i truly need to invest on comfy shoes, otherwise the plaster invasion will be repeated 😀


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