Relative Happiness

People do pursue happiness. Some of them identified happiness with money, power, or even authority. I just realized that happiness is truly relative. My happiness might be different from yours. I don’t have any complicated so-called happiness. Indeed, my happiness is pretty simple.

the best pancake in town
  • Happiness for me is sipping tea and biting warm pancake alone or accompanied by one good friend only.
  • Happiness also could be me sitting on a park bench with a good novel and seeing people passed me by. It is always comforting observing and guessing what other people up to.

  • Happiness also easily found by me by strolling along in the beach, pampering myself with superb view, feeling the sand in my feet. That’s awesome, isn’t it?
  • Happiness is accidentally bumped into your crush somewhere, whether he realizes your existence or not. The thing that matter is you see him.
  • My ultimate happiness is having a me time for daydreaming about what my future will be. I always wanna live in Paris or London, with four children (two of them are twins) and a caring husband in a sophisticated apartment.
Paris, the dreamland

Aaaaah, see, my happiness is simple. Some of them are even free. I can simply choose which happiness that i want (except maybe the last one, i have to go long way through for that šŸ™‚ ) So readers, whatever your source of happiness is, remember, you deserve to be happy, be positive, if i can do that, then you can too.


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