Please Do Distinguish, Ladies

We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between:

a man who flatters her, and a man who complements her.

a man who spends money on her, and a man who invests in her.

a man who views her as a property, and a man who treats her properly.

a man who lusts after her, and a man who loves her.

a man who believes he’s a gift to women, and a man who believes she’s a gift to him

and then we need to teach our sons to be that kind of man.

This is for the young woman, Tchuna, who was brutally raped by 6 men in Delhi and for young man who tried to protect her.


(Zamira Loebis)

Master Study, The Story 3 – Photo Session

colorful 3

My dearest readers, what are you doing right now? Have you prepared something special for new year eve? Tick tock, the clock is ticking, the year is changing pretty fast. 2012 was such an amazing year.  I have tons of lifechanging experiences, which successfully transformed me into a better person 🙂


MM UGM Batch 56 International Class plus Exchange Students from France and Netherlands

When i opened my laptop, i was thinking about my MBA friends in international class batch 56. Although our togetherness was kinda short, but the memories with them are always on my mind. Time flies. Some of them (including me) have already managed to find a good job, some of them are still struggled with their thesis, and some of them are now studying overseas to achieve their double degree. I miss you guys. Wherever you guys are now, my pray goes with you always. I wish 2013 will be an enchanted year for us.

colorful 5

Ahmad (the man in the middle) forgot to wear our red “uniform”

Here I present some pictures when we hadn’t separated by continent and thesis 🙂 Too bad Alberto couldn’t join this photo session.  Take care guys, and thanks for the joy and the wonderful memories.

colorful 2

Beach Girl Adventure. Le Touquet Paris-Plage. September 2011.

Morning pretty peeps, how are you ? 2013 is getting closer and the fact that we succeed in surviving the Mayan apocalypse was such like an achievement, wasn’t it? I personally can’t wait for 2013. I have plenty of new year resolutions which need to be done soon. One of those resolutions is to write more often 😀 Wish me luck then, fellas. Anyway, today’s post is about my adventure in finding beach in France. When I arrived in France (September 5, 2011), the weather was still sunny enough. That was surprising. This weather anomaly was happened until October if I recall. Since I still missed Indonesian heat, I asked to my friends about the nearest beach in Lille. One of them, David, answered that he already did some research and found a nice beach in Le Touquet. It was about 150 km from Lille. My adventure mood suddenly sneaked out. We (me, Alajandra, Natalia, David and Aaron) then prepared for our little trip.


Since David brought his car from Germany, we then didn’t have to worry about our transportation to Le Touquet. What we have to do was only shared the gasoline. We spent about four hours in the road. The trip there was ah-ma-zing. As a person who often fell asleep in a trip, I didn’t have to force myself to keep my eyes open at that time. The view was relieving; the chat in the car was also fun. We sang many songs, from the top 40 list to the lamest one. We arrived in Le Touquet at around 4 pm. We then went to our cottage (damn, I forgot the name of the cottage). It was really nice cottage. The design was dominated by wood and it was only 5 minutes walk to the beach.



Sooo, how’s the beach? The name’s Le Touquet Paris-Plage. I have no idea why they attached Paris there, since Le Touquet is closer to Lille than Paris. The beach was fine. It was quite long and big. There were a lot of people in bikinis and tried to suck the last summer sunshine in the beach. I can’t blame them, they’d meet summer again in about eight months! Too long!! Well, compared to the beaches in Bali or Yogyakarta, Le Touquet is more, errrr, hot? Ahahahha, you better watch the photos below to get better description. Enjoy!!!


i’m the flip-flop keeper, LOL

300717_226951324026516_1532345743_n 308408_227124940675821_1781455049_n

Good Lord, i finally could experience beach sunset!! 

P1010043 P1010045 P1010046 P1010061

Do you know what i love the most from this picture? My awesome hair, hahaha

P1010099 P1010120

morning escape, feeling the sand, wind, and the grass. That simple 🙂

P1010121 P1010161

birdie birdie in the sea, thanks for the warm greeting


Family Stay and Stick Together

Ugly Betty, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Season 2 Episode 6

Betty: Please just don’t tell me how stupid I am. I can’t bear to hear that from you too

Hilda (Betty’s sister): No, no, no, you’re stupid. You only have five months left with Henry, and you’re here talking to me. You know, If someone told me I could have one more minute with Santos, do you think I would turn that down, because it would hurt when it was over?

Betty: I guess not. But what if….

Hilda: what are you still doing here? There’s a man out there who loves you. Go, the clock is ticking!!

Betty: okay! Okay! Thank you for understanding! (hugged Hilda and then left)


Ugly Betty, Nice Day for a Posh Wedding, Season 2 Episode 7

Ignacio (Betty’s father): I’m sorry I said those things.

Betty: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about me and Henry. Dad, you’re right, I’m doing something really stupid.

Ignacio: And you’re going to keep doing it. Right?

Betty: Yeah, and when he leaves, I’m gonna fall apart. And I want you to promise me you’ll be here to pick me up

Ignacio: I’m your father. Where else I’m gonna be?


Aaaaaw, those two Ugly Betty episodes were extremely sweet. It was so nice when our decision is supported by our family. That is why family always should come first 🙂 Well, happy holiday fellas, and merry Christmas for those who celebrate it

Food for Thought

One of my hobbies is reading. Since I was little, I found it satisfying to read something. Well, during my childhood, I read almost everything, from folklore to magazine, you name it. I read constantly even when I didn’t know the meaning or the vocabs. I remembered when I was in my fifth or sixth grade, I made my mother furious because instead of doing my homework, I rather spent my spare time in books rental. LOL, those good ol’ times were hilarious.

When I grow up, my reading habit hasn’t disappeared, it grows stronger instead. I read faster than the others. Although the internet era has conquered us now, I still prefer paper as my reading material. I don’t know why, but there is such happy feeling when you can touch and interact with your reading material. You can flip the paper, add some notes, or even just simply squeeze it. Well, the environmentalist will definitely dislike my behavior. I also loveee the smell of new book, and I guess that is one reason why I seldom read something online.

Book is such a good friend of mine. Before I go somewhere, I always make sure that I’ve brought books with me. I love spending my time by reading books almost everywhere, in my room, in a coffee shop, in a park (it’s kinda difficult to find a cozy park to read here in Indonesia), even in a plane. Interestingly, I can’t read books in car, well actually not only books, anything written in paper base would be impossible to be read by me in car. It will make me dizzy and sick in instant. But no worries, I still able to read sms, tweets, or any status updates.


Reading can comfort me. I don’t have any topic preference in reading, but I’m just not into futuristic topics, and oh, also some cheesy teenage romance, a big NO. By reading a lot, I can have a lot of imagination. It was nice and worth the time if I can find a good book. I always adore the writer who can create such masterpiece *bow*. FYI, I love books written by JK Rowling, Charles Dickens, Dave Koontz, Joy Fielding, and Nicholas Hemingway. But again, sometimes some books could just surprise me, like hidden treasure.


Well then, do you also like reading? Would you kindly share or recommend me some good books to read? The holiday is approaching fast, and my book cart is still empty 🙂 Have a nice day, pals!!!!

Vienna Trip, Austria, December 2011


Hello guys, what you’ve been up to ? I feel ashamed if I check on the archive list. I apologize for my laziness in keeping this blog alive.There were tons of things happened to me currently. The good thing is, I do have a lot of ideas to write. I only need to find the time 🙂

This morning when I opened my laptop, I accidentally saw some of my Eurotrip pictures. I suddenly realized that I haven’t finished to share all the countries that I had visited last year. Well then, brace yourself readers, the Vienna story is coming up… the following paragraph, LOL.


My Vienna trip was actually one whole package with the Prague trip. See the Prague trip here. I took a very affordable tour back in Lille. The tour was not too satisfying, but I did meet a lot of new friends. So, once we’re done in Prague, we went right away to Vienna.  The view from Prague to Vienna was splendid. I didn’t remember exactly how many hours we had to spend, it was about five hours I guess.

We arrive in Vienna at noon. The bus driver dropped us at city central and left us there until around 10pm. We were so happy because we would have plenty of time to discover Vienna. We were then separated ourselves into smaller groups. I was with Julia and Ella, we later decided to go to the tourism bureau to find some city guidance.

Vienna was a beautiful city, although I still preferred Paris and Prague. The language used there is German, and my knowledge about it was almost zero. Hahahaha.  Our first stop was Schonbrunn Palace in the downtown of Vienna and we went there by subway. Schonbrunn Palace was an ancient imperial palace. I was a bit disappointed because when we arrive there, there was such a renovation which didn’t enable us to see the palace to the max. We took a tour to see more about Schonbrunn Palace. I paid around 20 something Euro for the tour, that price included an audioguide which could be set in various languages. The tour was okay, but the fact that we couldn’t take picture inside made me sad. After we finished the tour we found a Christmas Market in Schonbrunn Garden. That was cool, there were a lot of stalls which sold sausage, French fries, beverage, waffles, even souvenirs, you name it.

IMG_2321the Christmas Market



Julia and Ella

In the evening, we went to Kaerntnerstrasse, one of the most shopping streets in Vienna. Since I didn’t find anything interesting, I just took tens of pictures and had some fun with my friends.


Kaerntnerstrasse, one of the shopping streets in Vienna

Austria was where the great Mozart came from. So when it came to music and Mozart, it wouldn’t be cheap, trust me. After strolled around in Kaerntnerstrasse, we went to the Haus der Musik. We didn’t want to see concert there 😀 we just wanted to visit another Christmas Market near Haus der Musik. LOL.


At 10 pm, the bus driver picked us up. It was kinda sad leaving Vienna because we didn’t have enough time to discover more about Vienna. I even didn’t get the chance to visit Horst, a friend of mine. So long Vienna, it won’t be my last visit there, I’d be glad to see you again in the future. Have a good day 🙂

Jejak Karir – ODP Bank Mandiri

Halo, halo, selamat pagi semuanyaaaa. Apa kabaar ? Pagi ini saya berencana ingin berbagi tentang pengalaman saya dalam mencari pekerjaan. Ternyata mencari pekerjaan itu tidak mudah, saya harus ikut tes di sana sini sampai akhirnya saya sekarang diterima di salah satu Kementerian di Indonesia. Kenapa saya tidak membuka usaha sendiri saja ? Jawabnya sederhana, saya ingin merasakan sendiri pahit manisnya bekerja. Tenang saja, opsi untuk berwiraswasta sudah ada di benak saya, bahkan, saya sudah tahu akan membuat usaha macam apa 🙂

Well, pengalaman yang ingin saya ceritakan sekarang adalah pengalaman ketika saya mengikuti seleksi Officer Development Program (ODP) Bank Mandiri. Saya mengikuti seleksi ini pada bulan Juli 2012 ketika ada job fair di kampus saya, dan saya sendiri ketika itu masih belum lulus dan masih harus berjibaku dengan tesis tersayang saya. Pertimbangan saya kala itu dalam mencari pekerjaan adalah saya memikirkan lamanya proses yang mungkin dibutuhkan dari melamar, tahapan seleksi, hingga diterima kedalam suatu perusahaan. Alangkah menyenangkannya jika kita sudah lulus kuliah, kita tidak perlu repot-repot lagi mencari pekerjaan 😀  Nah, tahapan seleksi ODP Bank Mandiri ini cukup banyak, sekitar 6 tahapan, dan berikut penjelasannya:

  • Seleksi Administrasi

Seleksi administrasi atau seleksi berkas untuk Bank Mandiri terbilang cukup sederhana. Kita tidak perlu membawa-bawa CV dan salinan ijazah atau transkrip nilai. Karena saya mendaftar ODP Bank Mandiri ini melalui job fair, saya cukup mendatangi booth Bank Mandiri dan mengisi formulir yang sudah disediakan, serta menempelkan pas foto di formulir tersebut. Dari selentingan-selentingan kabar yang saya dengar, Bank Mandiri akan memprioritaskan orang-orang yang sebelumnya belum pernah mendaftar ODP Bank Mandiri, untuk yang pernah mengikuti seleksi ODP Bank Mandiri dan gagal, sepertinya ada jeda waktu sebelum kita dapat mendaftar ODP Bank Mandiri lagi, sayangnya saya kurang tahu tepatnya berapa lama.

  • Walk-in Interview

Setelah lolos seleksi administrasi (hasil seleksi administrasi akan langsung diberitahukan sore atau malam harinya), keesokan harinya kita akan mengikuti walk-in interview. Wawancara awal ini dilakukan langsung oleh HRD Bank Mandiri. Seingat saya ada tiga orang pewawancara, dan setiap pewawancara akan mewawancarai lima orang. Wawancara ini akan dilakukan dalam bahasa Inggris. Pertanyaan yang akan diajukan pun standar, berkisar tentang aktifitas kita sehari-hari, dan berdasar dari formulir yang kita isi hari sebelumnya. Hasil dari walk-in interview akan diumumkan pada hari itu juga.

  • Tes TOEFL

Tahapan selanjutnya setelah walk-in interview adalah tes TOEFL. Ketika itu tes TOEFL dilaksanakan di Fakultas Ilmu Budaya UGM. TOEFL yang diujikan pun bukan TOEFL Like melainkan TOEFL ITP. Sebenarnya saya masih memiliki sertifikat TOEFL ITP yang masih berlaku, akan tetapi Bank Mandiri tetap mewajibkan semua peserta yang lolos untuk mengikuti tes TOEFL tersebut. Bagi yang sudah pernah mengikuti tes TOEFL pasti akan tahu dan bisa mengerjakan

  • Tes Aptitude

Naaah, ketika saya diumumkan lolos ke tahap tes aptitude, saya bingung karena saya sama sekali tidak tahu seperti apa tes aptitude itu. Untungnya, dalam pesan singkat yang dikirim oleh Bank Mandiri, disertakan pula alamat website, yang disitu terdapat model-model soal dalam tes aptitude. Saran saya, banyak-banyaklah berlatih dan mencoba mengerjakan contoh-contoh soal tersebut. Untuk soal-soal hitungan, karena waktu untuk mengerjakan terbatas, soal-soal tidak perlu dikerjakan semuanya, kerjakan saja dari yang termudah dahulu dan yang paling yakin benar.

  • Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD)

Setalah berselang seminggu, saya mendapat kabar bahwa saya lolos untuk mengikuti LGD Bank Mandiri. LGD ini dilaksanakan di kantor Bank Mandiri di Jalan Sudirman. Dari hasil bertanya kepada teman-teman yang sudah pernah mengikuti tes ini, kita akan diberikan kasus yang harus dipecahkan bersama-sama dengan kelompok. Ketika LGD saya berperan sebagai semacam sekretaris dan menulis hasil-hasil diskusi di papan yang terdapat di bagian depan. Seusai LGD, saya merasa bahwa saya tidak memberikan upaya yang maksimal dalam LGD tersebut.

Sekitar tiga hari dari LGD, saya dihubungi oleh rekan seperjuangan ODP Bank Mandiri. Ternyata dia sudah mendapat telepon dari Bank Mandiri yang memintanya untuk mengikuti medical check-up. Seharian saya menunggu dan menatap telepon saya namun nihil. Saya pun sadar saya tidak lolos. Perjuangan saya di seleksi ODP Mandiri terhenti di tahap LGD. Waaah, cukup sedih lho rasanyaa, mengingat tahapan yang tersisa tinggal medical check-up dan wawancara direksi. Setelah itu langsung tanda tangan kontrak. Tapi ya sudahlah, mungkin rejeki saya bukan di Bank Mandiri. Buat yang sedang cari kerja, jangan patah semangat yaaa. Kalau gagal coba lagi, terus dan terus. Kesuksesan seseorang itu tidak diukur dari seberapa sering dia gagal, tapi seberapa sering dia berhasil untuk bangkit lagi (saya lupa ini kutipan dari siapa). Sukses semuanyaaaa…