Vienna Trip, Austria, December 2011


Hello guys, what you’ve been up to ? I feel ashamed if I check on the archive list. I apologize for my laziness in keeping this blog alive.There were tons of things happened to me currently. The good thing is, I do have a lot of ideas to write. I only need to find the time 🙂

This morning when I opened my laptop, I accidentally saw some of my Eurotrip pictures. I suddenly realized that I haven’t finished to share all the countries that I had visited last year. Well then, brace yourself readers, the Vienna story is coming up… the following paragraph, LOL.


My Vienna trip was actually one whole package with the Prague trip. See the Prague trip here. I took a very affordable tour back in Lille. The tour was not too satisfying, but I did meet a lot of new friends. So, once we’re done in Prague, we went right away to Vienna.  The view from Prague to Vienna was splendid. I didn’t remember exactly how many hours we had to spend, it was about five hours I guess.

We arrive in Vienna at noon. The bus driver dropped us at city central and left us there until around 10pm. We were so happy because we would have plenty of time to discover Vienna. We were then separated ourselves into smaller groups. I was with Julia and Ella, we later decided to go to the tourism bureau to find some city guidance.

Vienna was a beautiful city, although I still preferred Paris and Prague. The language used there is German, and my knowledge about it was almost zero. Hahahaha.  Our first stop was Schonbrunn Palace in the downtown of Vienna and we went there by subway. Schonbrunn Palace was an ancient imperial palace. I was a bit disappointed because when we arrive there, there was such a renovation which didn’t enable us to see the palace to the max. We took a tour to see more about Schonbrunn Palace. I paid around 20 something Euro for the tour, that price included an audioguide which could be set in various languages. The tour was okay, but the fact that we couldn’t take picture inside made me sad. After we finished the tour we found a Christmas Market in Schonbrunn Garden. That was cool, there were a lot of stalls which sold sausage, French fries, beverage, waffles, even souvenirs, you name it.

IMG_2321the Christmas Market



Julia and Ella

In the evening, we went to Kaerntnerstrasse, one of the most shopping streets in Vienna. Since I didn’t find anything interesting, I just took tens of pictures and had some fun with my friends.


Kaerntnerstrasse, one of the shopping streets in Vienna

Austria was where the great Mozart came from. So when it came to music and Mozart, it wouldn’t be cheap, trust me. After strolled around in Kaerntnerstrasse, we went to the Haus der Musik. We didn’t want to see concert there 😀 we just wanted to visit another Christmas Market near Haus der Musik. LOL.


At 10 pm, the bus driver picked us up. It was kinda sad leaving Vienna because we didn’t have enough time to discover more about Vienna. I even didn’t get the chance to visit Horst, a friend of mine. So long Vienna, it won’t be my last visit there, I’d be glad to see you again in the future. Have a good day 🙂


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