Food for Thought

One of my hobbies is reading. Since I was little, I found it satisfying to read something. Well, during my childhood, I read almost everything, from folklore to magazine, you name it. I read constantly even when I didn’t know the meaning or the vocabs. I remembered when I was in my fifth or sixth grade, I made my mother furious because instead of doing my homework, I rather spent my spare time in books rental. LOL, those good ol’ times were hilarious.

When I grow up, my reading habit hasn’t disappeared, it grows stronger instead. I read faster than the others. Although the internet era has conquered us now, I still prefer paper as my reading material. I don’t know why, but there is such happy feeling when you can touch and interact with your reading material. You can flip the paper, add some notes, or even just simply squeeze it. Well, the environmentalist will definitely dislike my behavior. I also loveee the smell of new book, and I guess that is one reason why I seldom read something online.

Book is such a good friend of mine. Before I go somewhere, I always make sure that I’ve brought books with me. I love spending my time by reading books almost everywhere, in my room, in a coffee shop, in a park (it’s kinda difficult to find a cozy park to read here in Indonesia), even in a plane. Interestingly, I can’t read books in car, well actually not only books, anything written in paper base would be impossible to be read by me in car. It will make me dizzy and sick in instant. But no worries, I still able to read sms, tweets, or any status updates.


Reading can comfort me. I don’t have any topic preference in reading, but I’m just not into futuristic topics, and oh, also some cheesy teenage romance, a big NO. By reading a lot, I can have a lot of imagination. It was nice and worth the time if I can find a good book. I always adore the writer who can create such masterpiece *bow*. FYI, I love books written by JK Rowling, Charles Dickens, Dave Koontz, Joy Fielding, and Nicholas Hemingway. But again, sometimes some books could just surprise me, like hidden treasure.


Well then, do you also like reading? Would you kindly share or recommend me some good books to read? The holiday is approaching fast, and my book cart is still empty 🙂 Have a nice day, pals!!!!