Beach Girl Adventure. Le Touquet Paris-Plage. September 2011.

Morning pretty peeps, how are you ? 2013 is getting closer and the fact that we succeed in surviving the Mayan apocalypse was such like an achievement, wasn’t it? I personally can’t wait for 2013. I have plenty of new year resolutions which need to be done soon. One of those resolutions is to write more often 😀 Wish me luck then, fellas. Anyway, today’s post is about my adventure in finding beach in France. When I arrived in France (September 5, 2011), the weather was still sunny enough. That was surprising. This weather anomaly was happened until October if I recall. Since I still missed Indonesian heat, I asked to my friends about the nearest beach in Lille. One of them, David, answered that he already did some research and found a nice beach in Le Touquet. It was about 150 km from Lille. My adventure mood suddenly sneaked out. We (me, Alajandra, Natalia, David and Aaron) then prepared for our little trip.


Since David brought his car from Germany, we then didn’t have to worry about our transportation to Le Touquet. What we have to do was only shared the gasoline. We spent about four hours in the road. The trip there was ah-ma-zing. As a person who often fell asleep in a trip, I didn’t have to force myself to keep my eyes open at that time. The view was relieving; the chat in the car was also fun. We sang many songs, from the top 40 list to the lamest one. We arrived in Le Touquet at around 4 pm. We then went to our cottage (damn, I forgot the name of the cottage). It was really nice cottage. The design was dominated by wood and it was only 5 minutes walk to the beach.



Sooo, how’s the beach? The name’s Le Touquet Paris-Plage. I have no idea why they attached Paris there, since Le Touquet is closer to Lille than Paris. The beach was fine. It was quite long and big. There were a lot of people in bikinis and tried to suck the last summer sunshine in the beach. I can’t blame them, they’d meet summer again in about eight months! Too long!! Well, compared to the beaches in Bali or Yogyakarta, Le Touquet is more, errrr, hot? Ahahahha, you better watch the photos below to get better description. Enjoy!!!


i’m the flip-flop keeper, LOL

300717_226951324026516_1532345743_n 308408_227124940675821_1781455049_n

Good Lord, i finally could experience beach sunset!! 

P1010043 P1010045 P1010046 P1010061

Do you know what i love the most from this picture? My awesome hair, hahaha

P1010099 P1010120

morning escape, feeling the sand, wind, and the grass. That simple 🙂

P1010121 P1010161

birdie birdie in the sea, thanks for the warm greeting


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