Jonkoping Trip, Sweden, January 2012

Bonjouuur people !! How are you guys doing ? It’s a windy Thursday here and the weekend is just one day away. As a person who impatiently waits for the work to start, everyday is holiday for me. I know I should write more, but there’re always something came up eventually. So here I am, try to pay my dues, just for you, my amazing readers 😀

Remember when I told you here about my unexpected adventure in my way to Sweden? I haven’t got the chance yet to tell you about what happened next after I landed in the Viking Land. Well, it was around 5.30am when I arrived in Charlesroi Airport in Brussels, the airport was quite clean, but the weather was a bit rainy. My flight to Sweden was at 7:40 am and as I tried to notice the other passengers, I found that the majority of them had strong Nordic look, tall, blond, and pale. Again, that wasn’t disturbing me at all. I caught a cute little girl grinned at me with her sleepy look. Poor little girl, she supposed to be still in bed in that ungodly hour.

My flight was on-time, and I was so happy that I got a near-window seat. A near-window seat is always my favorite seat. Every single time when I travel I will always find the urgency to choose my seat, which is near-window seat. Okay, I babbled too much. Sooo, the flight took about two hours, and I arrived in Gothenborg, Sweden at around 9 am. Anyway, my real destination wasn’t Gothenborg, but Jonkoping. But since I flew with a low-cost airline, Ryan Air, the direct flight from Brussels to Jonkoping didn’t exist. Heheheh.

Once I arrived in Gothenborg, I exchanged my euro, because Sweden uses krone as their currency. One euro is about eight to ten krones, depends on where do you exchange it 😀 Well, from Gothenborg airport, I took a shuttle bus (79 krones) to the city center. The city center was quite far, I spent like 30 minutes to go there. In Gothenborg city center, I went to Swebus counter to buy the bus ticket to Jonkoping, I didn’t remember exactly but it wasn’t expensive 😀 no worries. And oh, the site to look for the bus in Sweden is, truly useful, believe me.


The trip to Jonkoping was a bit long. I believe it’s more than two hours. Fortunately, since I was pretty exhausted, I fell asleep in the bus. When I woke up, I was enchanted by the remaining snow in the street. Ah, life is good. Briefly, I arrived in Jonkoping station in the afternoon and then greeted by two friendly faces, Vidya and Sani, my two dear friends from MM UGM who also joined exchange programs. They then took me to their apartment by bus. Vidya and Sani were so happy seeing me. They said I’m the one who finally made it in visiting them, LOL. We couldn’t stop chatting in the bus, it was hilarious.



I stayed in Jonkoping for three days.  Vidya and Sani treated me nicely, although I sometimes complained a lot about how far they lived to the city center. As a person who gets used stay in city center, their apartment was a bit too quiet, but the scenery there was fantastic. Vidya and Sani took me to several places. We went to city park, downtown bridge, and even to JIBS (Jonkoping International Business School)!


Since i went there on weekdays, it’s a bit difficult to have Vidya and Sani till noon because they had class to attend. Instead of doing nothing, i initiated myself to go to IKEA, one of the leading departments stores in Europe which focused on home furnishing products. IKEA in Sweden was stunning. Well although there was also IKEA in Lille, i found unexplained feeling in IKEA Sweden. Weird, LOL. What i like the most about IKEA is the food and snack corner near the cashier. The food and beverage there were too yummy, not to mention cheap. Aaaah, me love it.What surprising in Scandinavian countries is that, the people there collect bottle for money. That was smart. The recycle thingy is easier there. I think the people there are already quite aware with the eco-style.


hot chocolates and ginger breads

Well, it was a nice trip in Jonkoping. Thanks Vidya and Sani for the hospitality. I won’t forget when we made bakwan fiesta or when i had to force Vidya to take me to the bus station at 6am in the morning. All the best for you guys 🙂