My 90s Favorite Song

Warning pretty peeps, I am in my mellow mood, so yes, brace yourself, that’s why i share this cheesy yet sweet song. I love the video and the lyrics. Simple and straight to the point. One of the 90s masterpieces, and i keep on playing it on and on. Dunno why, today’s music is just way too much for me :p


My Flower Story

IMG02998-20121028-1627Heyho pretty peeps, i know, it’s been quite a while since my last post, and yes, you have the right to loathe me for that. How are you, readers? Did January treat you nicely? Anyway, I’ve moved to the capital now, so my last two weeks were a bit pissed me off. So many things to do, so little time i had. That’s why i abandoned my blog, and i ain’t proud of that 😦



Besides reading, one of my hobbies is picking up flowers. Although fresh flowers will last about three till five days only, but there is such peaceful feeling when i see or smell them. Luckily, in my hometown, Jogja, there is a famous street in Kotabaru area, Ahmad Jazuli street, where you can find a lot of flowers. Here’s a piece of advice, the price in the morning is higher than in the evening.

My favorite flower is lily, followed by tuberose, gladiolus, rose and daisy. I always try my best to have fresh flowers at home. It is a must for me for decorating the living room if i have some guests over. I think it’s one way to appreciate and welcome the guest. Interestingly, most people think that i’m one of the rose girl, until now there is only one person who can precisely guess about me and lily, and that was sweet 🙂


So, without further delay, please do enjoy some bouquets and cut-flowers pictures below. Which one is your favorite? Do you love lily as well? Feel free to share. Happy long weekend peeps!!! 😀