One Day in Peach Kebaya

Camera 360

Last week, me and my colleagues in MoFA celebrated Kartini Day. Kartini was an amazing woman who succeed to struggle and give  good example for Indonesian women during colonization era. In order to honor her, we wore Indonesian traditional dress, kebaya.

anyway, I didn’t use my own kebaya. Actually i have one, but it’s not shiny enough 😀 fortunately one of my friend, Ima, brought her kebaya collection, and when i did fit and proper test, i found one pretty peach kebaya.

Wearing kebaya was so much fun. It made you beautiful instantly. But, behind the beauty of kebaya, we did need to struggle. We woke up at 5am and did the hair-do, put some make-up on. And since we wore long skirt, we could barely move our legs freely. Anyway, it’s all paid off. We all look really beautiful and stunning. Sooo, do you have any traditional costume? What’s the story behind it? Please let me know. XOXO

Camera 360 Camera 360 72883_10201021680892548_1480348208_n

Rara, Ardhin, Me, and Putri



Ardhin and Me



2 thoughts on “One Day in Peach Kebaya

  1. Please, forgive me if I disturb your post with this comment. But for you know that I love kebaya very much. Especially a traditional style kebaya that worn with kain jarik. Yes, it’s more difficult for us to walk when we wear that costume. But I even wear kain jarik very tight and narrowed down to my legs . Because I’m sure it would make us who wear it look very elegant and graceful. Thank you.

    • nayabella says:

      hey Lulu, i cant agree more, kebaya and kain jarik are such a perfect match, but yes, it needs more struggle power since we wont be able to walk freely 😀 thanks for sharing anyway 🙂

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