10 things about me

  1. I love surprises, i’m good in making surprises, so, my expectation in surprises is also high
  2. It’s not easy for me to compliment someone or something. If I give compliment, then you do deserve it
  3. I love fashion, I dress fashionably, I usually act such a fashion police for my friends. Just gimme a week and I can notice your style and how many outfits you have in your closet
  4. Crepes and pancake and ice cream could simply make my day
  5. I am actually very independent and dislike depend on others, but when I feel attached and comfortable with someone, I transform into an extremely spoiled person
  6. I love travelling, before I die I have to be able to visit at least 3 countries in Africa and Latin America
  7. I hate being sick and surrounded by sick people. I’d do anything to cure them so that I won’t be infected
  8. A true optimistic person, i also know what i want and i’ll fight till i get it
  9. Don’t get fooled by my princessy appearance, I’m a good chef in the kitchen 🙂
  10. I love treating my nails.IMG03499-20130704-2203

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