Gita Bhuana, Sekdilu 37 Choir

During my training as a diplomat in Sekdilu 37, I found some marvelous experience that I never had before. Not only we have to study the materials all day, but we also have the privilege to develop ourselves through extracurricular activities such as traditional dance, choir, and sport activities. The interesting thing is, it is mandatory for us to choose at least one extracurricular activity, so voila, I then register for the choir.

Having involved in the choir is way so much for me. During the early selection, I was included in soprano voice. Since the beginning, we learned to sing many songs, not only popular Indonesian songs, but also the traditional one, such as Yamko Rambe Yamko, a famous song from Papua. We usually rehearse twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday night. In the middle of semester one, our trainer, Rizka, divided us into two groups, the regular choir, and the Gita Bhuana. Later on, the Gita Bhuana is often invited to attend some occasion in our future offices in Pejambon, Jakarta.

In the beginning of last June, we were invited to Pejambon for participating by entertaining in the Beasiswa Seni dan Budaya (BSBI) event. BSBI is the scholarship given by Indonesian government for selected foreign applicants to study Indonesian culture and art. For this occasion, we have to prepare since a month before. That long preparation was because the committee asked us to sing BSBI anthem, Indonesiaku, which we were not familiar with.  On the D-Day, since we were required to wear Jakarta traditional costume, we then had to get ready since 4.15 in the morning to go to the beauty salon to get our hair done. But all the sacrifice was paid off. The committee and the scholars were truly entertained by us, and we also got the chance to see our brilliant foreign affair minister with our very own eyes. Yaaay!


Gita Bhuana in action


some of the member during the rehearsal

Well, that was my brief story about my expression as an amateur singer in choir. It was always refreshing the joy that you can get by trying something outside our comfort zone. Have a good day, peeps. 🙂600157_10151743115580555_344627924_n