2013 In a Glance – Uber Late Post!

Morning readers! Happy belated new year! I hope you guys welcome 2014 as excited as I am. Nevertheless, 2013 has just went away, I have no doubt that last year was one of the important years in my timeline. There were excessive moments in 2013, the good and the bad, which makes me stronger and better. And here is some summary from my 2013:

1. January

  • In the beginning of 2013, i officially moved to Jakarta to start my 8 months diplomatic training. I was still remember the anxious feeling of that time.

2. February

  • I started my diplomatic school training (Sekdilu) in Jakarta. It was such a great things since i got the chance to meet other 58 brilliant young diplomats (in the making). LOL. And since then, we’re labeled as Sekdilu batch 37 till now.

3. March

  • The “late” opening of Sekdilu 37 in Gedung Pancasila, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But hey, better late than never, right?
  • I force my lazy ass to joined Fun Running Prambors. I’m not a fan of doing a sport but you can count on me for watching! Surprisingly, the event was really fun. In the beginning, the committee suddenly showered us with color powder, hahaha, so we run in mix color!

4. April

  • April was mostly about study, and also we keep on practicing on our choir since we’ve already scheduled to some events in the near future.
  • We celebrated Kartini Day by wearing traditional costume, looking good, girls!


5. May

  • Sekdilu 37 went to Surabaya! Yay! We got the chance to visit Madura as well and experience the famous Suramadu bridge, Bromo mountain, Sampurna house, KRI Dewaruci and also TKI training class. It will be hard to forget Surabaya since we had many memories and class performances!


  • Hey you! Happy bday my precious!

6. June

  • My favorite month in a year! June means birthday! And birthday means presents and surprise. Thank you all for the gifts and the cake and the mid-night lilies :*


7. July

  • July was 2013 fasting month. And i went through it with my Sekdilu 37 fellow. I also sometimes spent my “ngabuburit” time by going to Bendungan Hilir market to find delicious snack and food.

8. August

  • I bought myself a new gadget. It feels nice spoiling yourself with your very own money after a long and tiring work.
  • Went back home to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with my family. One of my favorite holiday at all times.
  • Gita Bhuana choir was appointed to sing in the opening and closing 2nd Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in JCC Jakarta. We could see our president, minister of foreign affairs, and other very important people in extremely close distance.

9. September

  • Sekdilu 37 finally graduated! Our graduation ceremony was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs, and what made me even happier, my mother and my brother managed to come as well in very short notice.
  • My brother’s birthday
  • Sekdilu 37 successfuly held Salam ASEAN in one of Jakarta most famous landmark, Monas! We also make a new world record as the longest ASEAN Handshake! Splendid!

10. October

  • In October, i was appointed to be Liason Officer for Peru for the APEC event in Bali. That was stunning. My knowledge before the APEC in escorting the high level was, lets say, zero. I was continuously asking about this and that. Fortunately, things were ended up perfectly. And i have no doubt in trying this again.
  • October also means abroad internship. And where is the perfect internship for young diplomat? Yep, you’re right, we were sent to the Indonesia representative office in four countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. I was sent to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with my other 9 colleagues.

11. November

  • Half of this month was still spent in Kuala Lumpur. One month internship was quite fast and hurry. I do wish the next batch will have at least 2 months internship abroad.
  • One of GenkGonk member, Riri, finally got married. So some of us flew to Malang to attend the birthday. Such a warm and bonding experience. It remained us how fast time flies. Happy wedding Riri!


12. December

  • I celebrated new year eve with my friends in Jakarta. We marched to Bundaran HI with thousands of people. We then saw fireworks and exhibitions, not to mentions, the new media darling, the governor of Jakarta, Jokowi. That was fun!

Well, then, so we can bluntly conclude that almost most of my 2013 was about Sekdilu 37. But i also manage to spent time with my GenkGonk, and also my dearly cheri. Well, i guess it’s a wrap. I hope this year will bring joy, blessing, and happiness. 2014, bring it on!!!