Italy Trip – February 2014

Buongiorno everyone. Happy seeing me again this fast? Well, I promise you last time that I’d do whatever it takes so that I can write you more, and that includes my laziness.

I feel tingle in my fingers when I type this post, because right here right now, I finally get the opportunity to tell you that I finally made it to visit Italy last month *dance* I went there with Ima, the one that I told you in this post. We took the flight to Milan from Paris. Why Paris? Because during my ticket hunt, I found that flying to Italy from the Netherland cost you a fortune. So when my friends prefer to prolong their stay in Paris after the working visit, me and Ima decided to go to Italy over the weekend.20140207_171657 20140207_174617

First Day

We arrived in Malpensa airport at 5pm, and waited for about 30 minutes before my friend, Anggi, picked us up. Anggi is my colleague when I worked in ELTI. She married an Italian and lives in Genoa, Italy since May 2013. She saw my status and post in FB and invited me over to visit her. Who am I gonna say no for this rare opportunity? Of course I said yes and I manage to bring Ima with me.20140207_202258 20140208_084531

Anggi and her husband, Carlo, picked us up and drove us to Genoa. It was quite long trip, about 2 hours, and I believe Anggi was aware with the hungry look in me and Ima’s face, so we stopped near Genoa, ouch, I forgot the name of the city, but we found snow there, super weird! What did we order that night? If you mention pizza then you are super right. Pizza in Italy is thin, less spice, huge, and delicious. And one pan is all for you. You should see the look in me and Ima’s face when Anggi told me that we have to finish it up, and I almost fell down of my chair when she continued that Italian people did not casually bring back the left over. So yes, we both struggle to eat our first Italian pizza, while we about to take the second slice, Anggi’s husband already finish his. Hahahaha.  After a slow and long dinner, we then continue the journey to Anggi’s house in Genoa, and fell into deep sleep.

Second day

We woke up quite early because we decided to visit several cities that day. Me and Ima then helped Anggi in the kitchen, by mostly taking pictures and asked her a lot about Italy. Anggi then shut us off by giving us a homemade pear jam. Seriously readers, it was the most delicious jam we ever taste, we even take picture of it. After a warm and delicious breakfast we were ready to start our trip. Our first destination is Leaning Pisa Tower.20140208_094016

20140208_122218 20140208_123159 20140208_123532 20140208_125252After 90 minutes driving, we finally arrived in Pisa. The weather that day was perfect, blue sky with some with clouds raise my instinct to never stop taking pictures. You know what, it wasn’t easy to take picture with Pisa Tower. Ima needed to almost laid in the grass so she can take a good picture, so Asian, but we love the result. And oh, there was also a Cathedral near the Pisa Tower, but unfortunately it closed.

We only stay in Pisa for like one hour only, we then grabbed the lunch (pasta and enormous Italian salad) and continued to our next destination, Florence.20140208_155230 20140208_160941 20140208_163526 20140208_164304

The trip to Florence was about one hour and a half. I couldn’t remember it precisely because I spent most of the time sleeping. Florence or Firenze (the Italian version) is a small classy town in Italy. Along with other 24 cities, Florence has been categorized as one of must have visit in Europe. And I found it true. Florence is so artsy. There were many statues crafted detail. They looked surreal. We almost stop everywhere just to ooh aaaah admiring the view, and taking pictures. At the end of our journey in Florence, Anggi’s husband take us to a hill, where we can see Florence city view at night. Good grief, it was splendid!1948011_630287040359607_371959070_n 20140208_165306 20140208_165134 20140208_181828 20140208_182155_night 20140208_182712_night

Feeling hungry and tired, we then drove to Italian restaurant, where we’re gonna meet Anggi and Carlo’s friends. The restaurant was so cozy. The food again was huge (I ordered Californian steak, don’t ask me why, but I saw a tiny recommendation thumb next to the menu) yet delicious, but what I like the most from Italy is the people. They were loud and super friendly. The waiters and the chef sometimes greeted us just to check we were happy with food, and yes we were!20140208_194306 20140208_194843 20140208_203212 20140208_194243

Third day

It was our last day in Italy. We had our pancakes breakfast and the legendary pear jam in the dining room. Anggi and his husband then drove us to Malpensa because we need to catch our flight at 3pm. We arrived there on time. I can’t thank Anggi enough for the hospitality during our short stay in Italy. Thank you so much Anggi and Carlo, I wish you both happiness ever after. Ciao!20140209_144931 20140209_143225 20140209_144858


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  1. LFFL says:

    What beautiful pictures!

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