My Top 10 Must-Sing-Karaoke List

I love singing! I can’t explain the happy feeling when I found a good song. I don’t have any strict genre about music, if the song touches me then I’m sold. Thus, I do believe you guys would understand if I’m deeply addicted with karaoke, especially after the score popped out in the screen right after you finish singing.

The funny thing about my music’s taste is, I always stuck in 80-90s. Call me lame or whatsoever, but those time were golden era for music. I often get disbelief look from my friends when I start singing my song. Well, without any further delay, let me reveal my top 10 must-sing-karaoke list *chuckle*

  1. Memes – Terlanjur Sayang 
  2. Stinky – Mungkinkah
  3. Faith Hill – There You’ll Be
  4. Sugar Ray – Every Morning 
  5. Vengaboys – Shalala
  6. Exist – Mencari Alasan
  7. Cranberries – Linger
  8. Celine Dion – To Love You More 
  9. Joy Enriquez – How Can I Not Love You
  10. Fool’s Garden – Lemon Tree

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