Road To Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2015

Dear all, how are you? I hope you’re doing okay in managing the unbearable weather in the capital. Well, I gladly announce that my last three weeks have been extraordinary. I simply still pinch myself just to make sure that what was happened at March 7, 2015 was real. Do I already get your attention? Okay then, what if I told you that I performed in the Java Jazz would you believe that? But guess what? Hell yeah I DID!

I was as shocked as you when my friend slash pianist slash conductor, Rizka, called me when I just arrive in the office to ask me whether I (as part of the Gita Bhuana 37 choir) could perform with The Diplomats Band in the JJF. I remember that I pause for a while try to chew that request in my lunatic brain before I finally said “Yes I can”.  After giving her the answer I finally notice that it was only three freaking weeks to the D-Day! Not to mention it was now only me and my deputy director in our busy sub-directorate. Well okay, those were the cons! The pros were much satisfying, like, OMG, who does not know about JJF? It’s the one of biggest jazz festivals in the world or probably in the largest in Asia! Thousands of people were dying to see the world class performers during the event. And we were there not only to watch, but to perform and entertain the crowd! UBER COOL!

Enough with the pros and cons, here comes the hardest part, the rehearsal! Since the clock was ticking, we had to maximize our best effort and time to rehearse. I told you bluntly that our rehearsal was … wait for it … hardcore. Well, we usually start rehearsing at 7.30 pm to almost midnight. The trigger of it was because the approaching time, the duration we perform (it was one hour!), and the number of songs (they were ten!).  So, there were the band and the choir. There were moment when the choir was the lead singer, but there were also moment where we were the backing vocals. This decision was wisely taken to prevent the fatigue once we were on stage.  As part of the choir, we had seven songs to accomplish. They were Quizas Quizas Quizas, Ayam Den Lapeh, Indonesiaku, Arirang, Fate (OST Full House), Song for Peace, and Just the Two of Us. I was only familiar with four of them, and clueless by the rest. And fortunately it was not only me who felt that way. So, in order to keeping up, we conducted private rehearsal in the weekend.


Due to our hectic schedule during and after office hours, some of us were sick and losing their voices. But JJF knew nothing about mercy. In order to return the voices, my sick friends then used the shotgun, the kencur. This traditional herb plant was long heard as powerful medicine to maintain the voices and as dry cough best enemy. Some of them wildly chew the kencur, some of them decided to process it first into simple extract. Both ways win anyway.

And we finally reached the D-Day. The mystical March 7, 2015. We arrived in Kemayoran at 4pm, two hours before our performances. We then ate, wondering around for a while, did a mini sound check, and we went up to stage!

C360_2015-03-07-15-18-06-726 C360_2015-03-07-15-17-17-049

I could not know how to describe my feeling when I was on stage. Seeing number of people passing by and finally approaching our stage made me nauseous. I felt like a robot when trying to keep smiling while my stomach knew better. But then I heard the cue from the drum and the piano, the intro was started, and there was definitely no way back. So, I kept on singing, a little dancing, and smiling to the audience. I could recognize a face or two, but most of the time I was blurred by the light. Sixty minutes felt like a glimpse when I finally realize it was over. I heard people clapping and cheering. As we returned to back-stage, some of the crew stages said that we were amazing. And suddenly our dear Sekdilu 37 friends joined us in the back stage and yelling happily to us. At that moment I was beyond happy and run out words. I felt relieve and shed a silence tears of joy.

988945_10152891592408445_7170008125014277750_n 11046593_10204648431905563_4975485667421720635_o

Well then, that was one night to remember. All of our hard work was finally paid off. Thank you the awesome The Diplomats band, you guys are fantastic! And for the Gita Bhuana choir, I love you guys! Let’s do more in the future.

11022567_10152893055018445_4116849454073232826_n 11044615_958979500780788_1802276426179826336_n

And that will be my goodbye for this sentimental post. So, did you see our performance? If you didn’t please do enjoy the flow of photos here. And once I got the video of that night I will definitely share! Till next time you all!


(Part 2): Banda Aceh and Sabang: A Treasure in the Westernmost Part of Indonesia

Dearest readers, happy new year 2015. I do wish this year brings you all joy and sophisticated adventure. As i promised last year *sigh*, i will continue my writing about my trip to Banda Aceh and Sabang. In this part, i will mostly elaborate about my favorite part, the beaches! Do enjoy!

If you notice that we have not mentioned the beaches yet, you got it right, because we want to save the best for last. When we arrived in Sumur Tiga Beach in Sabang, we were totally stunned. We saw a postcard-view quality. White sand beach with very few visitor (less than 10, we believe), not to forget the relaxing coconut trees completed with hammocks to enjoy the view. 10351228_741593719228938_8525495700549757728_n 10325556_741594049228905_7129410859247883115_nIf you want to go to Sumur Tiga Beach, you can rent a minivan from the Balohan Port for IDR50,000. Luckily the cottage we stayed-in had shuttle service and only only 10 meters by the Sumur Tiga beachside.

You know what, i do wish i’d get the chance to spend more time in Sumur Tiga, not just one night like what i did. The beach is glorious and spoiled me intensively with the view. I wish i could just escape there, feeling the sands in my feet and filling my lungs with the fresh air. The cottage itself also should be reviewed. I stayed in Freddies Santai Sumur Tiga. It was perfect from the beginning. Freddie and the staffs made me feel welcome. What i love the most was the breakfast, it was delicious and made by Freddie himself. From the moment i made the reservation until i leave the cottage, i keep telling myself that i will be back, whether with my family or with my love one. The beach, the cottage along with the soothing waves had impressed me deeply.terrace brekkie cottage lobby sunrise 2

Strolling away in Sabang was fun. There are lot of beaches which way less crowded than Bali. We managed to visit Gapang and Iboih Beach. These two beaches are about 45 minutes away from Sumur Tiga Beach. Iboih is well-known for their diverse underwater ecosystem which makes it perfect for diving and snorkeling along with it calm waves. 150722_741602429228067_6710479834413827107_n 1888547_741595922562051_8007415544485389334_n 10801608_741593565895620_3271203258216477303_n 10849979_741597502561893_7843335471803872804_n 10850229_741598225895154_1052627294471963677_n 10850297_741595725895404_980211876910583250_nYou can also find some cottages near the beaches. Make sure you spare your time to enjoy the sunrise/set here.

Since we only have limited time in Banda Aceh and Sabang, we have not explored to the max. But seeing the glimpse of paradise we have experience for 4 days, we would surely return to explore more.

Travel Tips:

  1. If you plan to go to Banda Aceh in November-December, please do make hotel reservation immediately due to room availability.
  2. Please dress properly and for women please get your scarf ready to cover your hair.
  3. Since nature is unpredictable, always check the ferry schedule and the weather, you do not want to miss the ferry, or worst, your flight.

(Part 1): Banda Aceh and Sabang: A Treasure in the Westernmost Part of Indonesia

Saint Augustine once said “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”, and as a person who religiously followed that statement, I could not say no when there was an offer to explore Banda Aceh.

Banda Aceh is the capital and the largest city of Aceh. It is located in the Sumatera Island, or about 1800 kilometers from Jakarta. Fortunately there are several direct flight to Banda Aceh for 2:45 hours. To maximize the fun, me and my travel buddy, Cerya, decided to take the afternoon flight to Banda Aceh. Sultan Iskandar Muda is a small yet clean airport in Banda Aceh. The only way to go the downtown is by taxi or renting a car. No worries, the taxi tariff is already settled, the one way trip to the downtown will cost you maximum IDR100,000. Luckily, there was airport shuttle facility from our hotel so once we arrived in the airport, we were happily greeted by the hotel driver that we already order.hotel pade

We stayed in The Pade Hotel for 3 nights. Our first impression in the hotel was full of Mediterranean ambiance, especially the building. In Banda Aceh, there are only one four-stars hotel and some three-stars hotels, including The Pade Hotel. Pade itself means paddy in local language, and it is no surprise that in almost public room in the hotel you can find a pot filled with paddy and as an ultimate treat, you can find splendid paddy field view from your balcony.

Both Banda Aceh and Sabang are well-known for its famous landmark. Once we arrived there, we decided to go to PLTD Apung Monument. Located in Punge Village, PLTD Apung once was a ship that serves as a power plant for Banda Aceh people. In late 2004, when the tsunami hit Banda Aceh, the ship was washed from Ulee Lheue Port to the Punge Village (which about 5 kilometers away). Imagining 2600 tonnes weighed ship could easily moved by tsunami wave give us unexplainable chill. Near the ship you can also find the monument and photo gallery as a silent proof when the tsunami came.  In the evening, our driver took us to Baiturrahman Mosque, 10 minutes away from the PLTD Apung. The huge white mosque was built in 1292 and become the symbol of nationalism, struggle, and religious for Acehnese people. Baiturrahman is considered as one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. And when we stepped in into the mosque, we were easily convinced. The architectural detail in the wall and in the ceiling is breathtaking. Every surface is carved with precision, such an masterpiece.inside Baiturahman

When we were in Sabang , we managed to visit Monument 0 Kilometer of Indonesia. Yes, it is a spot to signify the beginning of Indonesia. For quite long time, we had been strive to see how the edge of Indonesia looks like. In front of the monument there are some locals selling souvenirs and traditional food. The view near the monument is spledid, you can see huge cliff where  you can see clear horizon, such a prefect place to enjoy the sunset. What i really like the most from this place is you can also get sertificate as a solid proof that you have been visiting the westernmost part of Indonesia. You can get the certificate for IDR. 30,000 with your name written on it. Uber cool !sertifikat o kilometer

Banda Aceh is extremely rich of their cuisine. For you who fancy culinary will be indulged by the spice explosion all over your taste buds. If you are a noodles lover, of course you should start by the legendary “Mie Aceh”. You can find Mie Aceh almost in every food stall. But I was told to try Mie Aceh Razali, the most well-known Mie Aceh in the city. Since it has several branches, we decided to try the one in the downtown in Panglima Polem street. Well, the place was pretty swarming when we arrived. I ordered Mie Aceh with crab, which seemed to be what they were famous for, and it did met my expectations. The one whole crab was covered with the noodles, showered with tasty broth, completed the enormous portion I had that night. mi kepitingFeeling hungry yet? We also tried “Ayam Tangkap”, another signature dishes from Banda Aceh. Ayam Tangkap is slices of crispy chicken covered by fried leaves such as pandan and turmeric leaves. Overall the combination of those leaves making the Ayam Tangkap have an unique taste and fragrant.

Moving to Sabang, you have to try the octopus satay at least once.  As an island surrounded by the sea, Sabang has privileged to access the seafood. We found the octopus satay in the Taman Wisata Kuliner in Sabang’s downtown. This place is open from 5pm to almost midnight. The satay was cheap yet delicious. We even asked for second round.sate gurita taman wisata kuliner

Visiting Banda Aceh and Sabang will not be legit if you have not tried to sip the glorious Gayo Coffee in the coffee stall all over Banda Aceh. Our driver told me that the rendezvous trend in the coffee stall started in around 2007. The coffee stall is the place where the local people and the tourist blend together enjoying coffee. If you are a coffee intolerant like me, no worries, they also serve teh tarik, a mix of tea and milk which make you crave for more.

Well readers, i hope you are doing well, sorry for the late update, the second part of the story is coming soon. Happy weekend *smooches*

Dressed up: Dutch Style

Dear Readers, I hope you are doing great in this late September. I feel like time running up in extreme pace. Suddenly the end of 2014 is getting closer. Anyway, I would like to share some stories about my gone local experience in Holland. I knew I’ve posted a lot about Holland, but this stuff is worth to tell.

So, back then when I studied in the Hague, I didn’t waste any weekend by just staying in my room. Me and my friends wandered around not only in The Hague but also several cities in Holland. One day we decided to go to Volendam, a boat city in Northern part of Holland. The view in this city is quite breathtaking, as you can see the old boats in the harbor. But, the main reason why we went there is not to see the boat and the small conblock path all around the city, but we were filled with desire to pose in Volendam traditional costume!

1904079_611201505601494_1349335351_n 1625731_611123808942597_186055444_n

Well, Volendam has known for its costume, a peaked cap, black long dress  and kraplap (to be worn on the shoulders). Rumor has it that until now if you are lucky you still can see local people wear it in the street, especially on Sunday. When we arrived there, we went straight to the downtown and find many outlets offering Volendam traditional costume photo experience. Before we went there, we already heard that many Indonesian visited Volendam to get their photo taken. And by doing quick research, we decided to take picture in Fotograaf de Boer. This place located in Haven 83 Volendam. The interior design was neat, old-fashioned, and look promising as well. I can tell that by seeing many famous and friendly Indonesian photos there, from Indonesian former president to celebrities.1620443_10203084748025783_1543221339_n 1920426_611123868942591_523346245_n

We then changed and get dressed, my first impression wearing the Volendam costume is very practical and quick. We only needed 10 minutes tops and ready to be photographed.


Two week before I return to Indonesia, me and my friend, Mia, went to Delft. Not only we want to buy the souvenirs before we finally of from Holland, but we also want to take picture wearing Delft traditional costume. Why we did it all over again? Because the traditional costume in Delft is different than in Volendam. A white long-sleeves top, with blue long skirt. Delft costume still use a peaked cap like the one we wore in Volendam. What I really love in Delft is the outdoor concept. Yes! We got our pictures taken outdoor, while sometimes people stopped by just to check on us.mia white

So, what do you think readers? Which one suits me better?

Transportasi ibukota, tak kenal maka tak sayang

Sebagai orang yang hampir tiga tahun tinggal di ibukota dan tidak memiliki kendaraan, saya cukup sering  menggunakan transportasi umum sebagai pilihan saya (selain menebeng tentunya, hihihi). Nah, secara terdapat banyak pilihan moda transportasi yang berlalu lalang di jalanan ibukota, saya ingin berbagi bagaimana caranya memilih moda yang tepat bagi para pembaca yang mungkin masih awam dengan transportasi di Jakarta.


Memilih taksi di Jakarta itu gampang-gampang susah. Ada taksi kelas premium, taksi kelas bawah, sampai taksi bodong yang memakai argo kuda. Alhamdulilah sampai sekarang saya belum pernah terjebak menaiki taksi bodong tersebut. Seraaaam! Taksi yang (katanya) paling aman itu taksi Burung Biru, tapi argonya juga batas atas juga.  Armada taksi kedua yang saya suka adalah taksi Ekspre*, karena selain tarifnya lebih murah, taksi ini juga jalannya ngebut. Jadi kalau emang lagi buru-buru bisa berhentikan saja itu taksi putih. Buat yang mudah mabuk perjalanan agak tidak disarankan yaa, kecuali sudah menenggak obat anti mabuk. Nah, kalau kalian butuh pergi ke airport, dapat memesan taksi kuning Taxik*, kenapa? Karena jika naik armada taksi ini ke airport, kita tidak perlu membayar tol airport. Lumayan kan bisa menghemat 13.500 rupiah.


Sering juga disebut Transjakarta. Moda transportasi massal yang terdiri dari 12 koridor ini hampir mampu menjangkau seluruh Jakarta. Saya cukup senang menggunakan busway. Pertimbangan utama saya adalah karena murah dan cukup nyaman (kalau pas tidak penuh loh ya). Tiketnya pun hanya 3500 saja, bila kita naik antara pukul 05.00-07.00 pagi, kita hanya  perlu membayar 2000 saja. Armada busway yang ada di Jakarta kini jumlahnya semakin banyak dan baru, ya tapi kalau sedang apes kita bisa dapat armada yang sudah butut dan bergoncang-goncang kalau dinaiki. Mulai awal bulan Juni kemarin, Pemda Jakarta berencana untuk menambah jam operasional busway menjadi 24 jam. Sekarang sedang diadakan ujicoba pada 3 koridor, yaitu koridor 1, 2, dan koridor 9.

Bis kota

Bis kota ini banyak macamnya di Jakarta, ada metromini dan juga kopaja. Cukup membayar 3000 rupiah saja, kita sudah bisa diangkut. Yang perlu diperhatikan saat berkendara dengan bis kota adalah banyaknya tangan-tangan jahil (alias penyeluk saku atau copet), sebisa mungkin jangan terlihat mencolok dengan mengeluarkan gadget atau dompet, sangat disarankan untuk mempersiapkan uang pas sebelum naik. Pengemudi bis kota juga kerap mengemudi dengan ugal-ugalan demi mengejar setoran. Saya sih karena justru senang kalau bisa cepat sampai sih tidak keberatan dengan hal ini.

Patas AC

Patas AC ini termasuk salah satu moda transportasi kesukaan saya. Jarak tempuh Patas AC ini tergolong luas karena bisa keluar Jakarta juga. Alasan tambahan kenapa saya suka Patas AC itu karena bayarnya tergantung jauh dekat kita pergi, relatif nyaman karena ada ACnya , dan hampir pasti dapat duduk. Ssst, sekedar tambahan info, biasanya para pengamen yang masuk kesini lagu-lagu sama suaranya bagus-bagus deh 😀


Di Jakarta ini saya termasuk jarang menggunakan ojek, kecuali sudah sangat terlambat mengingat ojek itu dapat menyelip-nyelip diantara kemacetan ibukota yang sudah melegenda.


Bajaj di Jakarta terdiri dari bajaj oranye dan bajaj biru yang berbahan bakar gas. Sekarang ini sebisa mungkin saya selalu menggunakan yang biru karena suaranya yang halus dan tentunya lebih ramah lingkungan. Tahukah kalian, kalau saya baru saja menyadari suatu fenomena, yaitu, bajaj-bajaj yang ngetem biasanya memasang tarif yang lebih mahal ketimbang yang bisa kita cegat di jalan. Alasan mereka sih, mereka sudah lama mangkal dan menunggu giliran.


Ini salah satu moda transportasi di Jakarta yang belum pernah saya coba. Modelnya sih mirip angkot yang biasanya warna putih dan rutenya ke lokasi Jakarta coret. Konon katanya sih lebih nyaman dan jatuhnya lebih murah.


Merupakan singkatan dari Kereta Rel Listrik yang kerap dijadikan pilihan bagi para kaum urban yang memilih berdesak-desakkan dan tidak terancam macet. Saya pribadi sih bukan pengguna rutin KRL ini. Saya hanya pernah mencoba menggunakannya ketika akan pergi ke Kebun Raya Bogor dan itupun di hari libur sehingga bisa menghindari mitos kaleng sarden di dalam KRL.

Sepertinya sudah cukup banyak yang saya ceritakan mengenai transportasi di ibukota. Saran saya dalam memilih moda transportasi adalah pastikan anda mengetahui arah menuju tempat tujuan anda, bila memilih pulang di waktu yang larut, selalu waspada dan jangan tertidur, dan terakhir, pastikan  pilihan transportasi anda sesuai dengan budget Anda 🙂

Prahara Perbankan saat Travelling

Selamat siaaang, apa kabarnya niy ? Ibukota makin gerah saja, baru terpapar mentari 10 menit saja sudah gobyos keringetan. Siang ini, menanggapi maraknya kasus skimming Bank Mandiri, saya jadi kepengen berbagi keapesan saya dengan Mandiri kala sedang di negeri orang.

1. Lille, Perancis. Januari 2012

Cerita pertama terjadi ketika saya sedang kuliah di Perancis. Saat itu merupakan H-1 menjelang kepergian saya dari Perancis. Karena pesawat saya akan terbang pada pukul 11 siang keesokan harinya, jadilah saya telah membeli tiket kereta untuk ke airport pukul 6 pagi (saya bersekolah di Lille, sebuah kota pelajar yang terletak 1 jam dari Paris). Nah, sorenya (sekitar pukul 5), saya berkunjung ke suatu pusat perbelanjaan untuk mencari oleh-oleh dan berniat untuk menarik sejumlah euro guna mengantisipasi ancaman overweight bawaan saya. Nah, saya pun mencari ATM bank lokal seperti yang biasa saya lakukan sebelumnya. Nah, ketika saya memasukkan kartu debit saya dan sudah menginput jumlah euro yang saya kehendaki, tiba-tiba di layar ATM tertulis bahwa transaksi dibatalkan dan kartu saya pun keluar dengan sendirinya. Saya pun berusaha mengulang transaksi dan memasukkan kartu saya lagi, lalu transaksi kembali dibatalkan dan kartu saya pun keluar lagi, ketika saya hendak mengambil kartu saya, tiba-tiba, tanpa peringatan apapun, kartu saya ditelan oleh ATM.

Panik! Itu yang langsung saya rasakan, terlebih lagi karena kartu itu tertelan di saat yang tidak tepat seperti:

  • Besok adalah kepulangan saya dari Perancis, dan saya akan menggunakan pesawat pagi dimana saya tidak akan mempunyai cukup waktu untuk mengurus kartu saya sebelum keberangkatan saya
  • hari itu adalah hari Senin dimana bank-bank di Perancis tidak beroperasi 😀
  • saya tidak akan langsung kembali ke Indonesia, melainkan akan singgah selama 2 hari di Singapura, dan saya membutuhkan uang selama saya disana
  • uang cash yang saya pegang hanya ada sekitar 100 Euro
  • saya tidak punya kartu ATM lain

Saya pun menghubungi hotline layanan bank lokal tempat kartu mandiri saya tertelan dan mereka mengatakan akan membantu mengambil kartu saya besok pagi. Saya menjelaskan situasi saya dan mereka tetap tidak dapat membantu mengurus kartu saya pada hari itu juga. Saya lalu beralih menghubungi CS Mandiri via telepon, saya menjelaskan kondisi kartu debit saya yang tertelan dan meminta pemblokiran. Alhamdulillah dapat dilakukan via telepon, dan prosedur pengurusan dan pencetakkan kartu baru baru bisa diproses ketika saya sudah sampai di Indonesia.

Sesudah saya mendapat kejelasan mengenai nasib kartu saya, saya pun mengontak teman-teman sesama orang Indonesia yang berada di Lille untuk meminjam uang. Barang bawaan saya yang sudah saya atur rapi pun saya bongkar lagi demi menghindari overweight yang sekilonya dicharge 30-40 USD. Saya juga meminta tolong untuk teman-teman saya  untuk mengirimkan barang-barang saya ke Indonesia menggunakan jasa kirim kapal laut yang memakan waktu 3 bulan.

Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar meskipun ternyata di airport pun bawaan saya masih kelebihan 1.5 kilo, hahaha. Untungnya petugas counter check-in baik hati dan mempersilahkan saya masuk tanpa membayar biaya tambahan.

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. November 2013

Cerita kedua terjadi ketika saya sedang magang di KBRI Kuala Lumpur. Disana saya dan teman-teman saya tinggal di hotel yang berjarak 15 menit berjalan kaki ke kantor. Sistem pembayaran di hotel adalah dengan DP dan pelunasan yang dapat dilakukan ketika akan meninggalkan hotel. Seminggu sebelum kepulangan kami, saya meminjam kartu Mandiri teman saya (karena rate nya jauh lebih bagus dibanding rate bank yang saya gunakan) untuk mengambil uang yang sebelumnya sudah saya transfer ke rekeningnya. Ketika saya akan mengambil uang, transaksi kembali tidak dapat diproses, saya ulangi sampai 3 kali namun transaksi masih tetap tidak dapat diproses. Kami pun pulang dan akan mengulang transaksi dilain waktu. Keesokan harinya, dua teman saya yang lain juga mengalami permasalahan yang sama yaitu tidak dapat mengambil uang dari ATM menggunakan kartu Mandiri, dan ketika dilakukan pengecekan saldo, didapat bahwa saldo sudah berkurang sejumlah angka yang tadi dimasukkan. Saya pun menjadi khwatir dan mengecek saldo ATM milik teman saya, dan benar saja, saldo pun berkurang 1000 Ringgit.

Saya dan teman saya lalu menghubungi CS Mandiri dan mendapati kenyataan bahwa jaringan internasional Mandiri kala itu sedang bermasalah. Dana dijanjikan akan kembali masuk ke rekening setelah diadakan investigasi dan setelah berkoordinasi dengan bank lokal tempat saya memasukkan ATM Mandiri. Alhamdullilah, dana yang sempat hilang itu pun kembali setelah 1 bulan.


Moral dari dua cerita saya diatas adalah selalu memiliki kopi dokumen perbankan kita, terutama di email jadi dapat selalu kita gunakan sewaktu dibutuhkan; jangan panik dan ceritakan kronologi kasus secara runut; selain itu pastikan menyimpan bukti-bukti transaksi Anda, jadi bila ada kasus dan pihak bank membutuhkan bukti-bukti untuk memproses kasus Anda, bukti transaksi tersebut akan sangat membantu.

Kalau kalian, pernah mengalami permasalahan serupa kah? Selamat menyambut hari Senin yaaa

Narsis di Taman

Pagiii smuaaa, selamat hari Senin yaa. Masih pada semangat kan? Kalau ngerasa lagi bete ato bosen, biasanya tangan saya suka jalan sendiri buat ngambil cermin ato gadget, buat foto-foto *true story* Serius, saya ini narsis aku, foto itu akan saya bilang bagus kalau saya yang di foto itu terlihat bagus 😀

Nah, pas di Belanda 2 bulan kemarin, level narsis saya meningkat pesat. Hal ini disebabkan banyaknya pemandangan-pemandangan indah yang cocok untuk dipadankan dengan saya. Saya terpukau dengan taman-taman di Belanda yang bersih. Beberapa taman bahkan memasang tanda tertentu yang melarang anjing masuk ke taman tersebut, dan dipatuhi dunkz oleh para pemilik anjing, akibatnya saya menjadi tidak takut terkena ranjau kala berkunjung ke taman.

20140302_174508 20140223_152829 20140223_153207

Dua minggu sebelum kepulangan saya ke Indonesia, sepertinya sudah mulai transisi musim semi. Hal ini ditandai dengan mekarnya bunga-bunga dimana-mana. Kece abiiiiis. Sayangnya, kami tidak berkesempatan mampir ke Keukenhof, taman tulip legendaris Belanda, karena baru dibuka pada akhir Maret 2014. Ya sudah, silahkan loh disimak ya foto-fotonya, maaf kalau banyak saya nya 😀

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2013 In a Glance – Uber Late Post!

Morning readers! Happy belated new year! I hope you guys welcome 2014 as excited as I am. Nevertheless, 2013 has just went away, I have no doubt that last year was one of the important years in my timeline. There were excessive moments in 2013, the good and the bad, which makes me stronger and better. And here is some summary from my 2013:

1. January

  • In the beginning of 2013, i officially moved to Jakarta to start my 8 months diplomatic training. I was still remember the anxious feeling of that time.

2. February

  • I started my diplomatic school training (Sekdilu) in Jakarta. It was such a great things since i got the chance to meet other 58 brilliant young diplomats (in the making). LOL. And since then, we’re labeled as Sekdilu batch 37 till now.

3. March

  • The “late” opening of Sekdilu 37 in Gedung Pancasila, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But hey, better late than never, right?
  • I force my lazy ass to joined Fun Running Prambors. I’m not a fan of doing a sport but you can count on me for watching! Surprisingly, the event was really fun. In the beginning, the committee suddenly showered us with color powder, hahaha, so we run in mix color!

4. April

  • April was mostly about study, and also we keep on practicing on our choir since we’ve already scheduled to some events in the near future.
  • We celebrated Kartini Day by wearing traditional costume, looking good, girls!


5. May

  • Sekdilu 37 went to Surabaya! Yay! We got the chance to visit Madura as well and experience the famous Suramadu bridge, Bromo mountain, Sampurna house, KRI Dewaruci and also TKI training class. It will be hard to forget Surabaya since we had many memories and class performances!


  • Hey you! Happy bday my precious!

6. June

  • My favorite month in a year! June means birthday! And birthday means presents and surprise. Thank you all for the gifts and the cake and the mid-night lilies :*


7. July

  • July was 2013 fasting month. And i went through it with my Sekdilu 37 fellow. I also sometimes spent my “ngabuburit” time by going to Bendungan Hilir market to find delicious snack and food.

8. August

  • I bought myself a new gadget. It feels nice spoiling yourself with your very own money after a long and tiring work.
  • Went back home to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with my family. One of my favorite holiday at all times.
  • Gita Bhuana choir was appointed to sing in the opening and closing 2nd Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in JCC Jakarta. We could see our president, minister of foreign affairs, and other very important people in extremely close distance.

9. September

  • Sekdilu 37 finally graduated! Our graduation ceremony was attended by Minister of Foreign Affairs, and what made me even happier, my mother and my brother managed to come as well in very short notice.
  • My brother’s birthday
  • Sekdilu 37 successfuly held Salam ASEAN in one of Jakarta most famous landmark, Monas! We also make a new world record as the longest ASEAN Handshake! Splendid!

10. October

  • In October, i was appointed to be Liason Officer for Peru for the APEC event in Bali. That was stunning. My knowledge before the APEC in escorting the high level was, lets say, zero. I was continuously asking about this and that. Fortunately, things were ended up perfectly. And i have no doubt in trying this again.
  • October also means abroad internship. And where is the perfect internship for young diplomat? Yep, you’re right, we were sent to the Indonesia representative office in four countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. I was sent to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with my other 9 colleagues.

11. November

  • Half of this month was still spent in Kuala Lumpur. One month internship was quite fast and hurry. I do wish the next batch will have at least 2 months internship abroad.
  • One of GenkGonk member, Riri, finally got married. So some of us flew to Malang to attend the birthday. Such a warm and bonding experience. It remained us how fast time flies. Happy wedding Riri!


12. December

  • I celebrated new year eve with my friends in Jakarta. We marched to Bundaran HI with thousands of people. We then saw fireworks and exhibitions, not to mentions, the new media darling, the governor of Jakarta, Jokowi. That was fun!

Well, then, so we can bluntly conclude that almost most of my 2013 was about Sekdilu 37. But i also manage to spent time with my GenkGonk, and also my dearly cheri. Well, i guess it’s a wrap. I hope this year will bring joy, blessing, and happiness. 2014, bring it on!!!

APEC Bali 2013, LO Experience :)

Hello peeps, i hope you’re doing fine. As  I mentioned in my previous post, I finally graduated from my diplomatic training in Senayan, Jakarta. Several days after graduation, we were sent to Pejambon to work as an intern for a month. In the middle of my internship, I also got a duty as a Liason Officer (LO) in APEC Bali for 12 days.



my powerful badge :p

The duty as Liason Officer was my very first. I had never been given such duty like this before. So I was pretty enthusiastic and confuse at the same time. I was assigned a job as LO for Senior Official Meeting (SOM) Peru. And let me tell you guys, I wasn’t chosen for this duty in the first place. I had to substitute my friend due to her pregnancy. Honestly, since I never attended the LO meeting before, I had no clue for what kind of job, or what task should be accomplished. Fortunately, my friend briefed me about what she had done so far, and introduced me to the Peruvian embassy in Jakarta. A day before my departure to Bali, a person in embassy called me and asked me to go there so that they can ask me and be familiar with my face. So I rushed there and got myself interrogated for questions I couldn’t answer. Please don’t get me wrong but they asked me questions for presidential level, hahaha 😀


So on September 28 morning, I departed to Bali. And right after I arrive there, I suddenly got the information that the representative from the embassy who is going to pick up the SOM Leader the next day with me will be directly the Peruvian Ambassador for Indonesia directly. I was so nervous at that time, I tried to keep in contact with the transport coordinator, and once I knew that the courtesy car will be available on September 30, I was terrified that I was going to pick him up with the van, yep, van. And yes, when the car arrived in lobby, the ambassador asked me “is this our car?” You guys should really see his face and mine. Priceless. But the relieving point was when he did not mind using that car for picking up the SOM Leader.

In the airport was also interesting. We got the pass to enter VIP 2 room where our guests will be guided directly to this room and the passport will be stamped also in this room since the immigration officer also provided there. Uber cool!!! And oh, the suitcase also will be delivered in this room as well. After wait for like 15 minutes, I then saw him, Mr. Raul Patino. He looked friendly but helplessly tired. No wonder, he just did more than 30 hours journey by plane. Right after his suitcase was ready we went to his hotel.

As the day goes by, I could help but admire Mr. Patino personality. He was extremely nice, wise, and friendly. He’s the best. It was such an honor working with him. I remembered when I had to accompany him to shop. He tried to find gifts for his grandchildren and he even showed me their pictures. I was like aaaaaw.



overly attached LO :’)

My work as a LO in such a big event like APEC Bali was really something. I would never ever, even in my weirdest dream, get a chance to meet John Kerry, Vladimir Putin in a very close distance. I even got an opportunity to enter VIP I in the airport to pick up and send off Peruvian President, Mr Ollanta Humala. APEC also teaches me to how to deal with people, and respect people no matter what their background are. Thank you Bali, APEC, MoFA, and Mr. Patino for the experience.

996013_555771491144496_602326832_nPeruvian Presidential Aircraft


Kunjungan Mama dan Adek

selamat siang rekan-rekan semuaa, semoga hari ini menjadi hari yang baik yaa. Di postingan sebelumnya saya berjanji untuk menceritakan tentang kedatangan Ibu Suri (Mama) dan Tuan Muda Kecil (Adek) ke Jakarta. Jadii, seminggu sebelum wisuda saya pulang ke Yogyakarta untuk bersua dengan keluarga tercinta. Pada saat saya di sana saya memberitahu bahwa saya akan diwisuda. Sontak keluarga saya, terutama Mama, antusias menanyakan apakah perlu kehadiran keluarga pada waktu wisuda. Saya pun menjawab tidak. Hal itu terkait dengan kabar terakhir yang menyatakan bahwa mengingat ukuran ruangan yang tidak begitu besar, maka keluarga tidak perlu hadir. Dan setelah beberapa hari bergowel dan bersenang-senang di rumah, saya pun kembali ke Jakarta.

Kamis 12 September 2013

Nah, di Jakarta, pada tanggal 12 September di Gedung Pancasila digelar lah Gladi Bersih untuk wisuda keesokan harinya. Ditengah acara Gladi Bersih, kami mendapat kabar bahwa Pak Menlu menginginkan ada kehadiran keluarga pada acara wisuda kami. Kami pun kebingungan dan rekan-rekan saya yang berdomisili di Jabodetabek langsung menghubungi keluarga guna menyampaikan kabar tersebut. Saya sendiri pada waktu itu bertindak sebagai koordinator keluarga, dimana teman-teman yang akan membawa keluarga harus mengkonfirmasikan kepada saya terkait berapa dan siapa saja yang akan datang. Pada mulanya saya tidak ingin memberitahukan keluarga saya karena pasti akan susah mencari tiket dan keterbatasan waktu, saya sendiri bahkan belum memesan hotel! Akan tetapi, melihat animo dari keluarga teman-teman yang sudah mendaftar ke saya, saya pun menjadi iri. Saya juga ingin membagi momen wisuda saya dengan orang-orang terdekat saya. Alhamdulilah, ketika menelepon Papa dan Mama, mereka pun segera mengiyakan dan mencari tiket. Pada pukul 1 siang, Mama mengabari saya dan memberitahu bahwa yang akan datang adalah Mama dan Adek dengan penerbangan Kamis malam. Hore!!! Saya pun bergegas pergi untuk memesan hotel Ibis di kawasan Cikini, Menteng untuk dua malam. Setelah itu saya segera ke asrama untuk meyiapkan baju yang akan saya pakai wisuda, kembali ke hotel, dan menjemput mereka di bandara. Hectic? Sangat! Senang? PASTI!!! Sesampainya di bandara, saya menunggu cukup lama, estimasi saya mereka seharusnya tiba pukul 8 lewat, akan tetapi ternyata pesawat Singa Udara yang dinaiki mengalami keterlambatan, hingga pukul 10 malam mereka baru mendarat. Hadeh. Kami pun segera menuju hotel, untung sebelumnya saya sudah membeli Bakmi GM untuk disantap bersama di hotel.

Jumat, 13 September 2013

Hari saya diwisudaaa, senangnya. Sebenarnya orang tua diperbolehkan datang pada pukul 8, akan tetapi, karena kami, para wisudawan dan wisudawati, harus standby disana untuk melakukan Gladi Bersih terakhir pada pukul 07.30, jadilah Mama dan Adek ikut bersama saya dari pukul 07.15. Tepat pukul 08.30 upacara dimulai, detil upacara dapat dilihat di postingan saya sebelumnya ya 😀 Setelah itu dilanjutkan dengan sesi foto bersama dengan Pak Menlu. Pada waktu selesai upacara, si Adek menghampiri saya dan mengatakan “Kakak, engkau sangat membanggakan sekali!” Huwooo, senangnyaa dipuji Adek begituu. Setelah itu, acara dilanjutkan dengan santap siang, dan foto-foto narsis di seputaran Gedung Pancasila.




Sorenya, saya mampir membeli dimsum sebelum datang ke hotel. Rencana sore hingga malam adalah berjalan-jalan ke Monas dan Istiqlal. Oia, ingatkan saya untuk menulis tentang tips dan trik memilih taksi di Jakarta yaa. Singkat cerita, sesampainya di Monas, kami pun berkeliling, melihat ondel-ondel, dan kembali berfoto narsis. Mama nampak sedikit kelelahan, sehingga kami pun membatalkan acara untuk mengunjungi Istiqlal. Kami pun kembali ke hotel dan beristirahat.

20130913_195548  20130913_195115

Sabtu, 14 September 2013

Mama dan Adek akan kembali ke Yogyakarta menggunakan pesawat pada siang pada pukul 12.50. Paginya, saya pun mengajak mereka untuk sarapan di Bubur Ayam Cikini yang tersohor. Letaknya tidak begitu jauh, rasanya lumayan enak, dan porsinya jumbo. Sayangnya, banyak pengamen silih berganti yang memaksa kami mempersiapkan uang kecil. Sepulangnya dari BurCik, Mama masih mampir untuk membeli ayam goreng 😀

Pada pukul 9.30, taksi yang saya pesan pun sudah tiba dan kami pun bergegas ke Bandara bersama-sama. Tidak tega rasanya melepas kepergian mereka tanpa ikut mendampingi mereka. Alhamdulilah, semua berjalan lancar, pesawat Singa Udara pun hanya terlambat sebentar saja. Mereka pun mendarat dengan selamat di Yogyakarta. Terimakasih Mama dan Adek sudah mau meluangkan waktu untuk berkunjung. Kapan-kapan mampir lagi yaaa :*