Eurotrip Outfits

PS: This draft was made 9 months ago

hello all, wow, I guess i’ve been hit by nerdy virus since i surprisingly become very active in posting again. Hahahaha. So, i just want to make a quick post regarding the outfits i wear during my exchange period in Europe. Just for a note, almost all of the coats that i have was bought in Europe. It’ll be better for you guys who will go travel to buy your clothes in your destination country because the price is cheaper and there’ll be more variation. Have a nice reading

grey coat (bought in Lille, France), brown scarf (bought in Porto, Portugal), sling-bag (bought in Porto, Portugal), black gloves (bought in Lille, France), dark brown leggings (bought in Cologne, Germany), brown boots (belong to my friend, we did a trade for a while)

orange scarf (bought in Indonesia), black coat (bought in Lille, France)

blue hat (bought in Indonesia), blue scarf (bought in Amsterdam, Netherlands), blue gloves (bought in Cologne, Germany)

silver bag (bought in Indonesia), flower midi-dress (bought in Indonesia), black cardigan (bought in Indonesia), grey leggings (bought in Lille, France), black boots (bought in Lille, France)

brown coat (bought in Lille, France), red mini skirt (bought in Porto, Portugal), dark blue leggings (bought in Cologne, Germany)

black leggings (bought in Indonesia), grey boots (bought in Lille, France), red belt (owned by my friend, Vidya)

red jacket (bought in Indonesia), pink gloves (bought in Cologne, Germany), yellow tops (bought in Lille, France)


Just a piece of my stories

Hey all, what’s you’ve been up to?

I’ve been extremely busy recently, but these two years so far are excellent for me. I got many priceless gifts that i never thought before. So, in order to payback my hibernate time, i’ll explain you in details. It can’t be any better, can it? Lol…

It was start with my graduate program. I felt confuse in choosing within the international class or the bilingual class. Mostly my friends chose the bilingual class. Well, actually the difference among those two classes remain only in the way the lesson deliver and the students. In the int’l class, everything is in english, like the books, the presentation, and even the thesis. Nah, the last reason was my biggest consideration in choosing int’l class. But in int’l class you can have int’l friends will allow you to experience the int’l ambiance in the class. And guess, finally i decided to choose the int’l class. My decision was made in the last minute, literally. But so far i do enjoy my choice. My lecturers and my friends are wonderful. I have new friends from Europe, mostly from Netherland and France. I will attach their pics later, no worries ๐Ÿ˜€

In February 2011, Marlyne, a good friend of mine visited me from Singapore. I was so happy to see her again. We’ve been friends since senior high school, but now she works in Singapore, so it’s kinda difficult to meet her. No wonder when the oppurtunity finally came, it felt like a reunion, because i didn’t meet only with Marlyne, but also with Santi and Puspita. We went to Sangam House, a unique Indian restaurant, and discussed many things. We did have a good time there.

Santi, Puspita and Me


Several weeks after, i remembered that i had a voucher given by Marlyne. It was a voucher to shop in Body & Soul. Well, two days before the due date, i went to Body & Soul store and started hunting. Time went by, but still i couldn’t find any good outfit *sigh… I was thinking to come back later when finally i saw it, an elegant black dress. I was so thrilled and even couldn’t believe it with my very own eyes. So i grabbed it to the fitting room and voila, i bet you know the feel when you see your reflection in the mirror wearing a perfect dress ๐Ÿ™‚ I took several pictures in the fitting room, so you perhaps can see the price tag was still there, hehehehehe… Anyway, i also bought hotpants, but i didn’t take the picture, i guess the dress pictures already enough ๐Ÿ˜€

Black is my color

Last but not least, in September 2011 i did an exchange program to France. Enfin!! I was there for 5 months. I chose to do the exchange to SKEMA Business School in Lille. Not only because of the well reputation of SKEMA itself, but also due to my french friends suggestion. Lol. It was a very priceless experience. I’ve been dreaming to go to France since i was in the undergraduate. I didn’t know why, but France always has some kind of magical spell to me.

je suis allรฉe la deja, au France. Yaaaaay

Hmmmm, i feel really grateful with all these gifts. Sometimes, good thing will come to you with its special way. I’ve witnessed it myself. So, i’ll see you again later, although i don’t know when, since i have tons of works to do. Wish me luck then, and happy weekend all

Nail Art, My Guilty Pleasure

Dear readers, my daily routines in office and college, school assignments and homeworks have diverted my mind a lot.. All of them are undoubtly such a time consuming activities in some particular stage. No wonder it quite necessary for me to hunt for nail saloon just to have my nails painted.

Why nail art? Well, it’s kinda difficult to explain why i do love nail art. I just love watching a talented person paint and polish my nails. Especially after i see the result, wow, i will easily speechless just to see the transformation of my nails. Yeah, it may sounds so cheesy but that’s the truth. How about the compliments i gain after? Nah, that’s just another side effect of nail art which i adore ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the last two months, i found a very good nail saloon in my hometown which satisfy my wildest fantasy of nail art designs instead. I took some pictures of the result just for you peeps.

Actually there’s still many designs which i do wanna apply. But, i’m taking my master now, so i guess i better choose the safe designs. No worries, if there’s any special occasion coming, i would be gladly to try those wonderful designs.

I started to treat my nails since 4 years ago. At that time, i was really like frech manicure nail designs. Well, i still fall for this style actually. We have to admit that french manicure is the most timeless style that you can apply anytime without having fingernails faux pas. For those who really into this style, no need to worries because now there are many variations of the French Manicure itself.

French Manicure, classy and elegant

see the variations of French Manicure

My adventure of nail art world began about one year ago. Yes, i’m still a newbie here. I notice that nail art has to be in fashion. If you like challenge yourself and do trials for new trends, this will be a very joyful chance for you. You will be able to play with color, discover new unique pattern and even put on some 3D effect onto our nails. Wow. We can say that nail art is the ultimate fashion when it comes to manicure.

The main obstacles of nail art are the shape and length of your fingernails. Some patterns might seen not too good in short nails. I have long (average) and squares nails naturally. I don’t know is it just me, or some of you have the same thought, that the popular rounded nails just not fit in me *sigh*

And oh, i don’t recommend nail art for those who still like bitting the nails. Yeah, the fancy investment that you did for your nails would be just worthless then. But hey, if you want to take the chance of tasting nail polish in order to stop your nail-bitting habit, why not? We all know the there’s no invention of tasty nail polish. Lol..

So, are you ready to do some nails experiment? Just try and share with me about the result. I’ll see you in a jiffy…… (hope so)

The Touch of Brooch

Hello peeps,ย I want to share about Brooch in today post. Brooch? Why brooch? Well, the idea of putting the brooch in my blog actually already popped since early of this month, and, i’ll blame the brain for my lateness. Lol..

Brooch Fashion Week Fall 2009

Brooch is very classic. I remembered i had many brooches collections when i was little. My favourite one was the brooch with hat shape. It was so cute. I used to wear it to pin my handkerchief on my kindergarten uniform. He3x.. Did i just mention kindergarten? Oh yeah i just did. I know that you all now may imagine about me when i was little. One thing for sure, I was innocent and sweet. Like i am now. Lol..

Ok ok ok, i was diverted a bit. Let’s back to the track. A brooch could cheer up your outfit. If you have many black or dark colored tops why don’t you keep some brooches just for change your look? Well now, brooch has come in so many different designs, you could choose one to suit your mood and preference.

Jeweled Magnolia Brooch Flower

Yay, I love this brooch, so chic

As a Gossip Girl addict, i notice that there were many scenes using brooches for outfit addition. Well, never doubt the power that a brooch has. It can glam up your look instantly. Hmm, for formal occasions usually call for a simpler kind, maybe with a little bling on it. You can also put your brooch set at the waist of your gown. It’ll add sparkle and also attention surely.

For going out on a Saturday night, why don’t you use big, bold or fun shapes. Just have fun with your brooch collection. You can also wear broaches on the center of the collar of your favorite blouse. You can attach to a hat to add something special. Or as the most common way, you can wear it over the right or left side of the chest .

If you just have a little time to get dressed, maybe you wake up late or something, you could simply twist your hair and just pin a beautiful brooch onto a headband. That way, you have two pieces that you can use separately as well as together. So, what are you waiting now then? Go check your brooch collection and if you don’t even have any, let’s start to look out for pretty brooch out there. Happy hunting!!

Which one do you like? I heart the peacock..

Poncho for All

Nowadays, ponchos light the runways of fashion shows, but they aren’t the heavy-style ponchos that were popular in the past. Today’s fashion trends include big size ponchos made of smooth fabrics and sexy styles, which are casually elegant, ornamented with sequins, embroidery beads, or other decorations that shine.

Why women love ponchos? Well, the poncho covers all the right areas, hiding the most worrisome figure flaws. They also say that the sleeveless poncho is easy to whip on and off as the temperature demands. The ponchos are warmer than coats because they trap heat by keeping the arms close to the body. But clearly, ponchos are so much more fun and glam than a regular coat!It’s never too tight.

Throw the Ponchos on during the day for a casual feel or team them with an evening dress for the sophisticated look. Make them in a selection of colors to suit your mood and wardrobe.

Cute School Uniform

Hello readers!! So what you’ve been up to today? Yay, the long holiday is coming, what’s your plan for the new year? I have so many ideas that keep on poppin’ in my head, lol, i better start to make my 2010 lists.. Ok, then, Well, my post today will be about the school uniform. Don’t you ever wish to be teenager again? Hmm, seemed like the school uniform today is already much more dazzling than i was.

Well, the girls still want to personalize their style in clothing, so no wonder we can find easily many cute uniform around you, not only in tv-series but also in real life… That’s make me want to go back to school again. Don’t you feel the same??

1. Classy Style

well, these three uniforms are just too ordinary for me, but maybe if you like the safe style, you may like them then.. I like the 1st uniform, look like sailor.

ย 2. Modified Style

i like this purple set, my favorite item in this set is the shoes. They looked very comfortable, don’t they??ย 

nah, in this set, i do like the black corsage, just like a statement in the uniform

this pic was from Legally Blondes 3, these two girls were so creative in modified their uniform, luv it.

3. How to Mix n Match

Well, if your school allows you to modify your uniform, i mean by adding some accessories, you can easily change your look by using these items:

You can add knit, cardigan, vest, scarf, ribbon, headband, or even colored tights. But do not add them at once, you won’t look fashionable but weird instead. Just put two or three items only are already enough.

Anyway, uniform is just uniform, you can modify them surely, but do not forget to study. Ok then, see ya on the next post. Have a gud day, pals..

Super Sexy Stockings and Tights

Hi peeps, how are you all there? I hope you’ll always be fine. Anyway, when i was texting my friend this evening, i suddenly remembered about one of the Gossip Girl scene. It was the scene in “Victor Victrola” episode. When Blair danced in front of Chuck Bass using lingerie only, yup, that was my favorite scene in that episode. Blair was absolutely looks so sexy. Not that time only, but in her daily life in Gossip Girl. If you notice, you’ll find out that not only Blair but her cliques in that series often wear stockings or colored tights. That’s cool. I have some pictures of them, just go see then…

those two pictures are cool. They look preppy (plus sexy!!) in that outfit. I love the pink tights on the first pic

Which color are you?

Well, the trend of tights recently are dominated by the colored one. From the classical white until the jungle red. You better choose the one that suits your personality. You should have at least two pairs of these stuffs, the black and the white one of course. Trust me, you’ll never go wrong using them..

the sensual red

the red tights, how sexy.. You’ll win the public attention surely


the safe and classic white (or black)


so sweet and innocent. Black and white are timeless, once again, you should have them in your closet!!


colored tights, so playful

so trendy, so now, and yes, definitely so attractive