APEC Bali 2013, LO Experience :)

Hello peeps, i hope you’re doing fine. As  I mentioned in my previous post, I finally graduated from my diplomatic training in Senayan, Jakarta. Several days after graduation, we were sent to Pejambon to work as an intern for a month. In the middle of my internship, I also got a duty as a Liason Officer (LO) in APEC Bali for 12 days.



my powerful badge :p

The duty as Liason Officer was my very first. I had never been given such duty like this before. So I was pretty enthusiastic and confuse at the same time. I was assigned a job as LO for Senior Official Meeting (SOM) Peru. And let me tell you guys, I wasn’t chosen for this duty in the first place. I had to substitute my friend due to her pregnancy. Honestly, since I never attended the LO meeting before, I had no clue for what kind of job, or what task should be accomplished. Fortunately, my friend briefed me about what she had done so far, and introduced me to the Peruvian embassy in Jakarta. A day before my departure to Bali, a person in embassy called me and asked me to go there so that they can ask me and be familiar with my face. So I rushed there and got myself interrogated for questions I couldn’t answer. Please don’t get me wrong but they asked me questions for presidential level, hahaha 😀


So on September 28 morning, I departed to Bali. And right after I arrive there, I suddenly got the information that the representative from the embassy who is going to pick up the SOM Leader the next day with me will be directly the Peruvian Ambassador for Indonesia directly. I was so nervous at that time, I tried to keep in contact with the transport coordinator, and once I knew that the courtesy car will be available on September 30, I was terrified that I was going to pick him up with the van, yep, van. And yes, when the car arrived in lobby, the ambassador asked me “is this our car?” You guys should really see his face and mine. Priceless. But the relieving point was when he did not mind using that car for picking up the SOM Leader.

In the airport was also interesting. We got the pass to enter VIP 2 room where our guests will be guided directly to this room and the passport will be stamped also in this room since the immigration officer also provided there. Uber cool!!! And oh, the suitcase also will be delivered in this room as well. After wait for like 15 minutes, I then saw him, Mr. Raul Patino. He looked friendly but helplessly tired. No wonder, he just did more than 30 hours journey by plane. Right after his suitcase was ready we went to his hotel.

As the day goes by, I could help but admire Mr. Patino personality. He was extremely nice, wise, and friendly. He’s the best. It was such an honor working with him. I remembered when I had to accompany him to shop. He tried to find gifts for his grandchildren and he even showed me their pictures. I was like aaaaaw.



overly attached LO :’)

My work as a LO in such a big event like APEC Bali was really something. I would never ever, even in my weirdest dream, get a chance to meet John Kerry, Vladimir Putin in a very close distance. I even got an opportunity to enter VIP I in the airport to pick up and send off Peruvian President, Mr Ollanta Humala. APEC also teaches me to how to deal with people, and respect people no matter what their background are. Thank you Bali, APEC, MoFA, and Mr. Patino for the experience.

996013_555771491144496_602326832_nPeruvian Presidential Aircraft