Narsis di Taman

Pagiii smuaaa, selamat hari Senin yaa. Masih pada semangat kan? Kalau ngerasa lagi bete ato bosen, biasanya tangan saya suka jalan sendiri buat ngambil cermin ato gadget, buat foto-foto *true story* Serius, saya ini narsis aku, foto itu akan saya bilang bagus kalau saya yang di foto itu terlihat bagus 😀

Nah, pas di Belanda 2 bulan kemarin, level narsis saya meningkat pesat. Hal ini disebabkan banyaknya pemandangan-pemandangan indah yang cocok untuk dipadankan dengan saya. Saya terpukau dengan taman-taman di Belanda yang bersih. Beberapa taman bahkan memasang tanda tertentu yang melarang anjing masuk ke taman tersebut, dan dipatuhi dunkz oleh para pemilik anjing, akibatnya saya menjadi tidak takut terkena ranjau kala berkunjung ke taman.

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Dua minggu sebelum kepulangan saya ke Indonesia, sepertinya sudah mulai transisi musim semi. Hal ini ditandai dengan mekarnya bunga-bunga dimana-mana. Kece abiiiiis. Sayangnya, kami tidak berkesempatan mampir ke Keukenhof, taman tulip legendaris Belanda, karena baru dibuka pada akhir Maret 2014. Ya sudah, silahkan loh disimak ya foto-fotonya, maaf kalau banyak saya nya 😀

20140223_153410 20140223_153557 20140302_181409 20140302_175521 20140305_183627


Short Study in Clingendael, The Hague

Morning my all fabulous readers, how are you? Did you have enough rest during the weekend? Or do you craving for more? LOL. Well I recently found myself as a second type of person. I cherish weekend and every day-off counts!

Okay, enough with the babbling, I should start telling you about what I did in The Netherlands. So, there was an agreement between Clingendael Diplomatic Institute and Centre for Education and Training of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pusdiklat) which agreed on sending Indonesian young diplomats to study in Clingendael Diplomatic Institute in The Hague. Since the seats were only available for 22 people only, Pusdiklat simply registered the top 22 from the 59 young diplomats. And there I was, feeling quite lucky again by the chance of returning to Europe.1496195_598177933570518_1826956893_o

The program itself was from January 13 to March 6, 2014. So by the time I wrote this post, I’m already enjoying the traffic in the capital. Hooorah! Well, back to the program (seriously, i had a lot of things popping up in my head, and I have the sudden urge to write it down, not nice, sorry sorry), since it was a diplomatic training, I thought that most of the program was discussing about international relations, here is the thing, I’ve never been so wrong 😀 Well yeah, there were some classes about international relation, the regional up and down, but there were also negotiation class where we could practice how to negotiate, and showed up our true colors! Thumbs up also should be given for the lecturers. They were so qualified and blunt, something that quite difficult to find here :p There were also some breathtaking site visit to some institutions that even in my wildest dream I’d get the chance to step my foot in, like NATO, Peace Palace, ICJ, ICC, OECD, and many more you name it! Oh I almost forget to mention our Dutch Water Management class. My oh my, with all those sophisticated technology no wonder they can even manipulate the water flow so they can prevent the flood. Brilliant!

1480591_601797713208540_1161857231_n 1607067_10202419249297955_1437242553_n 1661263_602736643114647_603452261_n

At first I thought that 2 months study could not considered as short study, but when the program started, wuuuuuz, I was like entering a time machine, time flies and suddenly our two lovely coordinator, Anne and Henriette, were taking us to a warm dinner in Shabu-shabu, The Hague downtown.

???? ???? ???? ????

Ah, thank you again, Dear God and universe for all the chance, experience, and whatever comes with it. I have been blessed, and I’m grateful for that.

I have so much to tell you guys about what I did in Europe, I really do. I promise I’ll force my lazy ass to write more, because where’s the fun of having experience by not sharing it? Talk to you later my loyal readers, and have a nice day!!!!