The Touch of Brooch

Hello peeps, I want to share about Brooch in today post. Brooch? Why brooch? Well, the idea of putting the brooch in my blog actually already popped since early of this month, and, i’ll blame the brain for my lateness. Lol..

Brooch Fashion Week Fall 2009

Brooch is very classic. I remembered i had many brooches collections when i was little. My favourite one was the brooch with hat shape. It was so cute. I used to wear it to pin my handkerchief on my kindergarten uniform. He3x.. Did i just mention kindergarten? Oh yeah i just did. I know that you all now may imagine about me when i was little. One thing for sure, I was innocent and sweet. Like i am now. Lol..

Ok ok ok, i was diverted a bit. Let’s back to the track. A brooch could cheer up your outfit. If you have many black or dark colored tops why don’t you keep some brooches just for change your look? Well now, brooch has come in so many different designs, you could choose one to suit your mood and preference.

Jeweled Magnolia Brooch Flower

Yay, I love this brooch, so chic

As a Gossip Girl addict, i notice that there were many scenes using brooches for outfit addition. Well, never doubt the power that a brooch has. It can glam up your look instantly. Hmm, for formal occasions usually call for a simpler kind, maybe with a little bling on it. You can also put your brooch set at the waist of your gown. It’ll add sparkle and also attention surely.

For going out on a Saturday night, why don’t you use big, bold or fun shapes. Just have fun with your brooch collection. You can also wear broaches on the center of the collar of your favorite blouse. You can attach to a hat to add something special. Or as the most common way, you can wear it over the right or left side of the chest .

If you just have a little time to get dressed, maybe you wake up late or something, you could simply twist your hair and just pin a beautiful brooch onto a headband. That way, you have two pieces that you can use separately as well as together. So, what are you waiting now then? Go check your brooch collection and if you don’t even have any, let’s start to look out for pretty brooch out there. Happy hunting!!

Which one do you like? I heart the peacock..

My Gossip Girl Boyfriend is….

Just a quick update in this blog. Yay, i got Chuck Bass as my Gossip Girl boyfriend. He’s my fave ever in Gossip Girl. I hope there will be more scenes between him and Blair. Love the quiz. You can go to this site if you want to take the quiz too:


I’ll be back soon with another fashion post. C u then readers..

Blair Waldorf’s Outfits

I absolutely love Gossip Girls! Not only the story, but also the fashion of each characters. They have the sweetest styles and are definitely trend setters.

The Gossip Girl trend is really relevant right now it seems everyone is talking about the show! My favorite character is Blair Waldorf. She’s just perfectly irresistible with all her outfits from head to toe. Here’s one of her outfits which i admire most:


So, here’s the description for these outfits, hope this can helps: 
 Coat by Trina Turk ($142.40), 2– Clutch by Asos (50 pounds), 3– Black lace stockings by Asos (5 pounds), 4– Cant find da shoes, sorry. 5– Cream top blouse (199,99 $) from Marc by Marc Jacobs by saksfifthavenue6– Necklace from Old Navy (6,99 $)