Nail Art, My Guilty Pleasure

Dear readers, my daily routines in office and college, school assignments and homeworks have diverted my mind a lot.. All of them are undoubtly such a time consuming activities in some particular stage. No wonder it quite necessary for me to hunt for nail saloon just to have my nails painted.

Why nail art? Well, it’s kinda difficult to explain why i do love nail art. I just love watching a talented person paint and polish my nails. Especially after i see the result, wow, i will easily speechless just to see the transformation of my nails. Yeah, it may sounds so cheesy but that’s the truth. How about the compliments i gain after? Nah, that’s just another side effect of nail art which i adore 😉

In the last two months, i found a very good nail saloon in my hometown which satisfy my wildest fantasy of nail art designs instead. I took some pictures of the result just for you peeps.

Actually there’s still many designs which i do wanna apply. But, i’m taking my master now, so i guess i better choose the safe designs. No worries, if there’s any special occasion coming, i would be gladly to try those wonderful designs.

I started to treat my nails since 4 years ago. At that time, i was really like frech manicure nail designs. Well, i still fall for this style actually. We have to admit that french manicure is the most timeless style that you can apply anytime without having fingernails faux pas. For those who really into this style, no need to worries because now there are many variations of the French Manicure itself.

French Manicure, classy and elegant

see the variations of French Manicure

My adventure of nail art world began about one year ago. Yes, i’m still a newbie here. I notice that nail art has to be in fashion. If you like challenge yourself and do trials for new trends, this will be a very joyful chance for you. You will be able to play with color, discover new unique pattern and even put on some 3D effect onto our nails. Wow. We can say that nail art is the ultimate fashion when it comes to manicure.

The main obstacles of nail art are the shape and length of your fingernails. Some patterns might seen not too good in short nails. I have long (average) and squares nails naturally. I don’t know is it just me, or some of you have the same thought, that the popular rounded nails just not fit in me *sigh*

And oh, i don’t recommend nail art for those who still like bitting the nails. Yeah, the fancy investment that you did for your nails would be just worthless then. But hey, if you want to take the chance of tasting nail polish in order to stop your nail-bitting habit, why not? We all know the there’s no invention of tasty nail polish. Lol..

So, are you ready to do some nails experiment? Just try and share with me about the result. I’ll see you in a jiffy…… (hope so)