Cologne, Germany Trip (Part 1)

PS: this draft was made 11 months ago

Alohaaa readers, miss me already? Well, since I’m almost done with my study, I have more free time to fill this blog, although sometimes I just feel jealous to myself regarded how easy the words flowing through my fingertips in writing the posts here instead of writing my thesis, oooops 😀 Alright then, today’s post will tell you about my journey to Cologne or Koln, a city located in western Germany. But I think I will split my Cologne story into two parts because I do really have a lot of thing to tell. Enjoooy!!

I went to Cologne directly from Rotterdam. I took the Eurolines bus from Rotterdam central station. When I wanted to enter the bus, I noticed that the passengers were just me and two African people. I felt a bit worried at the beginning but well, what choice did I have? So after tried finding a seat as close as possible with the driver, I sat back and relax. One hour later, we arrived at Amsterdam and had 30 minutes break and you know what, there were more people boarding into the bus. Yaaay!!

The trip to Cologne from Amsterdam was supposed to be 3 hours long, but unfortunately it was already dark outside so I spent most of my time by sleeping. In the middle of my journey, one of the African passengers started to make a conversation with me. Well, I didn’t mind having a chatty friend to spend the time during my journey, but if the conversation was getting completely off base, ohooo, that’s making me uncomfortable. So, please don’t get me wrong if I give him my fake name and phone number. Hahhahah 😀

I did have a lot of new experiences during this 3 hours trip. My favorite is when we entered Germany border ( I notice it by the SMS that welcoming me to Germany ) suddenly our bus was surrounded by two police cars. They asked us to stop. I was afraid and excited at once. I felt safe because I had all the document needed for travel. Then, four policemen entered the bus, greeted us and started to check our documents, like passport or visa. I was pretty sure that they did a random checking in unpredicted moments because there were 2 passengers in the bus which having problem with their documents. One passenger from Eastern Europe was caught having…..weapon (speechless) without bringing the proper document. Thus, he was asked to de-bus by the policemen. The checked took about 30 minutes and everyone felt happy when finally the policemen let us continue the journey. 15 minutes later, we stopped at the gas station and I decided to go to the restroom. I stopped for a while because the restroom was located a bit far and I have to pass the parking trucks to go there. Suddenly, voila, there was a woman that goes to the same direction with me. So I walked with her and she started asking me a lot of stuffs in dutch!! Hahahha, that was so funny, I explained her that I didn’t understand any dutch and when I tried to speak in English it turned out that she didn’t understand English. Well, we kept on communicating on our way to the restroom by making some understandable gesture 😀 Oh, how I love that kind of coincidence that enriches my experience.

Our first stop in Germany was in small city called Dusseldorf and just in 5 minutes, it was just me and the driver in the end. Hell yeaaah, all the passengers got off in Dusseldorf!! Hahahha, that was awkward. The driver then asked me about my destination, ups I was afraid that I took the wrong bus which has Dusseldorf as its final destination. So in order to looked brave (and smart, perhaps), I asked the driver whether he will continue to drive me to Cologne or not, and how relieve I was when he said “of course, Cologne is just 30 minutes far from here”. Finally at 9.45 pm, I arrived in Cologne central station safe and sound. Then I texted my friend, Ophy and Ifti to meet me there (to be continued…)


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