Family Stay and Stick Together

Ugly Betty, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Season 2 Episode 6

Betty: Please just don’t tell me how stupid I am. I can’t bear to hear that from you too

Hilda (Betty’s sister): No, no, no, you’re stupid. You only have five months left with Henry, and you’re here talking to me. You know, If someone told me I could have one more minute with Santos, do you think I would turn that down, because it would hurt when it was over?

Betty: I guess not. But what if….

Hilda: what are you still doing here? There’s a man out there who loves you. Go, the clock is ticking!!

Betty: okay! Okay! Thank you for understanding! (hugged Hilda and then left)


Ugly Betty, Nice Day for a Posh Wedding, Season 2 Episode 7

Ignacio (Betty’s father): I’m sorry I said those things.

Betty: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about me and Henry. Dad, you’re right, I’m doing something really stupid.

Ignacio: And you’re going to keep doing it. Right?

Betty: Yeah, and when he leaves, I’m gonna fall apart. And I want you to promise me you’ll be here to pick me up

Ignacio: I’m your father. Where else I’m gonna be?


Aaaaaw, those two Ugly Betty episodes were extremely sweet. It was so nice when our decision is supported by our family. That is why family always should come first 🙂 Well, happy holiday fellas, and merry Christmas for those who celebrate it

My Top Five TV Series

Hello readers, how are you ? Beside missing me, of course? Well, like Adele said, I wish nothing but the best for you. Anyway, I honestly did have some confusing time in deciding what today post will be, but heeey, I never get the chance to share you about my top five tv series!! How could i? 😀 Well then, let’s not waste any more time, shall we?

  1. Gossip Girl

I love this series since the moment I watched the first episode. It was stunning. Okay, I never directly get involved with those kinds of societies and their glamorous lifestyles, but somehow the show is just amazing. I have almost all the episodes in my laptop and I do watch them all over again. I heart Blair and Chuck characters in Gossip Girl. The chemistry between them is unbearable. Sometimes I had that mood swing when I saw an episode where Blair or Chuck made some foolish acts. Silly, ha? I know, but I just can’t help it 😛 And the fact that the show has reached its season finale make me extremely sad.

2. The Big Bang Theory

This show is hilarious and beyond my imagination. The brotherhood among Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard is breathtaking. Well, I always have soft spot for smart guy, and seeing Sheldon Cooper with his quotes make me errrr, salivating? Hahahahha. Jim Parson is definitely the one who can play Sheldon Cooper. I was kinda disappointed when I knew about Jim Parson sexual orientation. No worries, I can always have Sheldon in my heart.

  1. Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives revient sur M6 pour une septième saison !

Unlike Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory, I don’t have Desperate Housewives in my laptop. I sometimes download it or simply watch it on TV. I remembered the first time I saw Desperate Housewives, I was like “Good God, this is something!!” In Indonesia, when cable TV wasn’t too popular, a lot of TV series, like Gilmore Girl and Desperate Housewives, were played quite late. Sometimes I couldn’t find them in the regular time just because the schedule was moved. I loooove when Vanessa Williams was added as one of the queens in Desperate Housewives. Yaay!

  1. Dexter

Dexter saison 7 Actualité et Episodes dans serie dexter-saison-7-300x187

Dexter rocks!! The show forces me to flaunt my detective sense back and forth. My favorite case in Dexter was Ice Truck Killer case. It was neat, thrilling, and genius. It was worth to see Dexter’s dilemma when he knew that Rudy, the Ice Truck Killer, was actually his biological brother.

  1. Ugly Betty


Ugly Betty was the American version of Colombian telenovela Betty La Fea (which I did adore tooooo). This show was like one stop shop for my eyes. It had everything, fashion, cute models, intrigues, and knowledge to run a magazine. That’s why I keep it in my laptop so I can re-watch it whenever I want. 😀 I love almost all characters in Ugly Betty. They did have the way to light up the show. Too bad the show was four seasons only.

Well, watching series is relaxing and it’s one of my perfect gateway of my routines. Soooo, which one is your favorite? Do you have different opinion? Let me knooow 🙂